Monday, September 11, 2006

Any Day Now

It will all be gone.

We've had frost warnings and it dipped down to 39 degrees over the weekend.

When I got up this morning I turned on my heat for the first time. It was barely 60 degrees inside the house and a tad too cold to take a shower.

I say I'm ready for the season to end. But now that the end is almost here, I know that I will be very sad when I can no longer enjoy my late afternoons watching the small creatures of nature who have chosen to share my deck.

All of these pictures have some little insect or other critter in them.

You may have to click on the pic to enlarge it to find them.

This one is a little dark. It will probably look better if you click on it. This one is a little hard to see. Think froggie condo.
Did you find them all?


  1. Yes, I did find them all. In the second shot up from the bottom the bumblebee looks like a helicopter!

  2. Did you say 39 DEGREES!!!! Nooooooooo. Yikes, I'm not ready for this at all. I was looking forward to the lazy, hazy days of September. Instead today I was greeted with an artic wind. For the past two weeks I've attempted to get outside and deal with the blackspot on my roses but if it isn't the rain, it's the cold windy air that drives me back in the house. Well your bright pictures certainly helped to cheer me up. Loved the frog condo, had a good chuckle. TWT

  3. Its HOT here! I don't even want to think about turning the heat on (Nov 1 at the earliest!)
    I found some of the creatures, but not all :-)

  4. Yep, I like to watch most insects. I have wasps living in the folds of my patio umbrella! I think their nest got knocked out of the strawberry jar it was in and they took refuge there.

  5. You should enter the first photo in a contest-it's unique!

  6. Lovely pics of all your little critters Zoey.
    I love the two lower down, watching you do the laundry. Lucky you to have such cute friends :)
    Your Autumn Joy is looking spectacular.
    Yes, I'm enjoying my coneflowers and their long blooming season. They're some of the easiest flowers I've ever grown. I really don't have to do anything...just let them spread! I need to thin them and plant some in other locations. I'm sorry yours won't grown well for you. Wonder what the difference is.
    All my plants have grown nice and tall this year (you asked me that question a while back, and I can't remember whether or not I answered). The phlox have bloomed longer with all the rain.

  7. Wow, my first winter in 20 years and it's coming like a freight train down the tracks!
    39 is a lot colder than it has gotten here...I have to buy a winter coat, I suppose. And gloves, I guess.
    Though I don't intend to go out until the bulbs come up!

  8. Sandy, you get the prize for being first!

    TWT, I hope there are still some lazy hazy days to come and that we don't just jump right into winter.

    Sue, whenever I start to complain about the cold, I remember how MISERABLY hot it was in July. At that time, I was sure cold would be better.....hmmmmmmmm......maybe not?

    Dianne, I don't know about wasps. I might draw the line with them! LOL. I have them around, but try not to get too near.

    Kerri, In the end, I think you were lucky to get so much water. It had to be better than here where we didn't get enough??? It does seem all of your plants thrived on it.

    Sissy, Don't forget boots. :)
    I don't go out much in the winter myself. Just to work, back and maybe a store every now and then. I hibernate until spring.

  9. 62 degrees here in the house this morning! We didn't have a frost last night, but it's getting pretty close up here too. Like you, I'm not sure how I feel about the summer coming to an end. Yesterday was just gorgeous - bluest skies I've ever seen. Your photos are great - you could sell them as postcards!

  10. Love the froggie condo and the butterfly through the wineglass. Great pictures!

  11. I'm backkkkkkk....I'm trying to catch up on all the posts I missed while I was away! Love all your pictures and yup I found all the little critters in them! lol We've had frost here already and I have to keep covering whatever flowers and veggies I have left. On my drive back home, I noticed how much the leaves are changing colours...Autumn is fast approaching!! Hugs!!

  12. How fun! I love all of your little critters. At least the cold months allow us to persue indoor activities like crafting and sewing- things I know I put off to spend days outside enjoying the nice weather.

  13. Oh no not yet please...we are to havr 80's again here this week...actually just ran the air for a few's humid..

    chat soon.

  14. a froggie in your bird house??? how cute is that!

  15. Becky, How strange. I JUST came from posting a comment on your blog and I find you were doing the same on mine.

  16. We must be on the same

    About the hedgehogs . . . yes that is what the babies look like.
    Thanks for visiting, I'm glad i found your blog.
    Is Zoey your given name or is that a nicname? It's cute.

  17. Wonderful pictures! It IS sad that summer is leaving and only when I`ve only practically just begun my garden. Something to look forward to next spring anyway. VERY hip hairdo too LOL



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