Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Those Were the Days

Who remembers the bouffant flip hairstyle of the 1960's?
I loved that style, though I was just a little too young to really wear it.

Except for one day in the mid 1960's when my Mom was taking me and my three siblings to have a professional photograh taken. It was a big deal back then to get a professional photo.

My Aunt Mary came over to do my hair. Aunt Mary is only 9 years older than me, so she was a teenager then. She knew how to do the hip styles and boy the flip was hip!

Aunt Mary did a wonderful job.
I thought this was the best my hair had ever looked.
I felt like Marlo Thomas in 'That Girl'

It's a shame the photo didn't show my navy blue mini skirt with the wide belt and white go-go boots!

Sometimes my Aunt Mary stops in to read my blog.
Aunt Mary, do you remember doing my hair that day?
I've never had a real hairdresser do a style that I like any better than that bouffant flip!


  1. Did you sleep on orange juice cans or those huge brush rollers. I have a picture of me with that flip style
    Love the pic of you!

  2. I never had the flip style but I do remember when it was all the rage! Love the pic of you, style really suited you!! lol

  3. Gosh, I remember wanting my hair like that, because Marie Osmond wore hers like that!!

  4. I was always too fat for such a cute"do"...
    that was then ...not fat anymore hehe

    chat soon.

  5. Hi Zoey, you are a very nice girl, do you know? O.k., you know it!


  6. You do look like Marlo Thomas in that photo. (By the way, is that a turkey on a leash?)

    I never had a bouffant flip, but one time when I was a flower girl in a wedding, the hairdresser made my hair go "all pouffy" and I hated it so much I cried.

  7. Never wore my hair in a flip..it was always too short. I like your hair in the profile, much better.;o)

  8. Oh yes, I remember, and I grew up in Oklahoma, where you still see big hair. Mine never was long enough to flip, but do you remember the blunt cut, with bangs and the puffy top? Well, that is me in my senior picture. I used to work at my sister's beauy shop and got paid in frost jobs! How much more 60's can you get than a frosted blunt cut?

  9. Zoey,you are too cute! You and Sue have inspired me to post pics of Hubby and me back in the 60's, as well. Today was our anniversary, so it was a good time to reminisce.

  10. zoey, I remember when that photo was taken. makes me remember when i had a bunch of cute kids at home.

  11. What a cutie you were! And your hair was perfect.
    I remember the home perm and my grandmom and her sister trying to rescue my burnt hair with a flip-it looked bad. I did have a dress similar to the one Marlo is wearing with short sleeves but pink and green stripes on the top and an attached green skirt.

  12. You look so happy. What a great memory for you!


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