Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I'm Getting Another Little Spurt of Very Nice Color

The 3.5 inches of rain we got the weekend before last has really helped the grass and the Sedum Autumn Joy always perks things up for a few weeks.

The picture above was taken while standing behind the milk can of coleus to the left of the arbor.


  1. Wow. Your garden is so gorgious Zoey!
    All still blooming beautifully too.
    My sedum hasn`t quite started blooming yet. It looks like it might yet though.
    And your quilt turned out great!


  2. Zoey, you have the most beautiful garden! And so well manicured! Does DH help you with the daily maintenance or is that your bailywick? From the pics, it looks huge - how big is the property? Inquiring minds need to know! "-)

  3. my garder just pooped out...I am insanely jealous...have all the potential but not alot of time this year...July first though........

    You might like a post I did in July called Hollyhock Update oh my...beyond my wildest dreams for a hollyhock garden...
    I'll be back

  4. Gorgeous! I love your arbor. What do you have hanging off of the one side?

  5. Don't you just love the big splash of color before the fall begins to take over. Your gardens are great.

  6. Zoey,
    It's looking so colorful. 3½ inches is quite a bit! We're enjoying Indian summer (90º during the day and chilly at night)...

  7. Your garden is still beautiful! I am very careful to not get most of my garden in photos these days.

  8. Your garden is looking great Zoey.

  9. I just want to say your gardens look beautiful! Mine is lousy at this time -- it's the first year, i still have not ironed out the kinks. Next year, my goal is to add something that blooms in August!


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