Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Main Entrance to the Deck

with my only successful seed planting of sunflowers. Their color goes nicely with the marigolds in the deck planter.

Normally if I take a picture from this angle, you would see a pile of junk in the neighbor's yard. The sunflowers have saved you from seeing that unexpected advantage to having sunflowers in this spot!

I planted some red cannas with the marigolds. So far only one has bloomed and, I must say, it is very short for a canna. I actually like it blooming at that size.

The red canna is a new one for me this year. From what I understand it is the usual canna that most people are familiar with. Compared to my 'Tropicana', this red one is blah, blah, blah! If this is the only canna many people have seen, no wonder so many people say they don't like cannas. This one is 'Red King Humbert'. It's supposed to be 5 feet tall.


  1. These photos really look like fall to me. The winners of this time of year are always the marigolds and sunflowers. I must say my pond plants look so pretty. One of my favorites that bloom late are red and blue salvia.

  2. Humbug on the Humbert. But the sunflowers sure do the trick to disguise your view. Are the marigolds from seed?

  3. My red cannas are "President" and they get quite large. The only disappointment I have in my Zone 5 garden is they don't bloom until late August so they don't have a lot of time to bloom before the first autumn freeze. The foliage does lend a nice tropical touch though.

  4. Dianne, I love the salvias, too. The red doesn't grow all that well for me, though.

    Karen,LOL on the Humbug... no on the seed question, I bought them in 4-packs this spring.

    Giddy, I hear you on that. That's why I like to grow the ones with interesting foliage. My red one has dudsville foliage.


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