Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tony & Tina's Wedding

I am sorry I disappeared without saying anything. I just got caught up in real life and had no time to post before I left town immediately after work on Friday.

DH and I spent the weekend at a hotel/casino where we attended an event, called, "Tony & Tina's Wedding."

Hailing from a small rural town, I was not even aware that this production is well known. I took this from their website:


Since opening February 14th, 1988 in New York City this unique theatrical experience has won over the hearts of thousands of people, in over 100 cities worldwide, including Japan, Australia and many European cities.

At Tony n' Tina's Wedding, audience members actually play the roles of Tony n' Tina's family and/or friends. These are roles we have all been practicing, every time we go to a real wedding. This universal familiarity with the union of two individuals from 2 distinct families, regardless as to where you are from, will take you back and forth between fantasy and reality throughout the entire evening. For the ultimate experience... eat, drink, dance, converse and allow yourself to be caught up in the activities. This all inclusive evening of entertainment will be something you and your friends will be talking about for many years to come.

The wedding party included a very pregnant gum-cracking bridesmaid (you may have to enlarge to see)

We all attended the wedding ceremony and then the reception. They had a DJ and dance.
It was just like a real wedding reception. Among the cast of characters there was a gay brother, the bride's ex-boyfriend (who was just released from prison ), a young buxom girlfriend of the father (and, as it turned out, of the preacher, too), and a dimwitted groomsman. All of their interactions made for a lot of laughs during the evening.

The only disappointment was the meal. Maybe I should say lack of a meal.

The servers came along with trays of what we all thought were the appetizers, like this quiche.

After we ate the quiche (which didn't take long. As you can see it's a mini quiche), they came with some little ham sandwiches. After that deviled eggs. Then pigs-in-the-blanket. Then little meatballs (which I did not eat because they were not very good).

And then......................nothing. That was it.

I actually roared with laughter throughout the whole meal as the big burly men at my table kept waiting for the main entree. I had pretty much figured out that the appetizers were the meal, but they were hopeful right to the end that real food was still coming.

It was funnier than the play itself.

The only part of the meal I actually found palatable was this champagne.

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend getaway.

We both won a nice hunk of cash at the slot machines, too.

We left early this morning (to make sure we held on to the aforementioned cash) for the three hour trip home. We stopped at our favorite rest stop with the Mackinac Bridge view. It was a cold miserable rainy morning, but their flowers still made for a nice shot.

Now I am going to plop down on the sofa and finish reading the book I started Friday on the drive up . It's a Diane Mott Davidson light murder mystery novel.

She has written eleven of these mysteries and I've read them all. This one is called Double Shot. All of her novel names are a play on catering/food terms, as the main character, Goldy, is a caterer who is always finding dead bodies.

I have about two hours of reading to do before I finish.


  1. I've heard of this play, but never actually "knew" anyone who went! The food sounds like that of one reception we actually attended LOL!
    Thankfully, the champagne was good!
    (No wedding cake??)
    Isn't it fun to come out ahead on the slots once in a while???

  2. Glad you had a nice get away. I've heard of the play too. I can't believe how awful looking the food was. Appetizers are some of the easiest things to put together for a crowd. Did they mention about you getting anything to eat beforehand?
    Congrats on winning at the slots. I'm still waiting to win Powerball-I think I have a very long wait. : )

  3. Great to have you back! Sounds like you had a great time. My inlaws lived in Lake Tahoe and every time we went to visit, the entertainment would be "let's go to the casino"! Mom would give us each a $100 bill and we were expected to "have fun". Welllll, I didn't get much out of the smokey, noisy casino, so I would put in my obligatory $2 worth of nickles, pocket the other $98 and go sit in the hotel lobby and people watch til the rest of the family lost all their money. My father in law used to say I was the only one who ever came out ahead. MIL lives in Reno now and we still visit now and then.

  4. What??? You have a "real" life???? lol Hey that sounds like a really fun theatrical experience to take part in...I was laughing looking at the pictures and reading your words about it!! I had never heard of this, now I'll keep an ear out for it, it's something I would love to participate in!! Congrats on winning at the thinking, coming home while the cash was still in your pockets! lol Glad you had such a great time:-) Hugs xox

  5. I saw this show advertised when we went to Las Vegas for my husband's business conference in June. We didn't go to any shows, preferring instead to visit lots of fancy restaurants (we aren't gamblers so the slots hold no appeal for us). Your description makes me realize the food would have been very disappointing if we had decided to go. Glad you had fun on your mini-vacation. We all need those once in a while.

  6. I have always wanted to see Tony & Tina's Wedding!! They have it here, in the Chicagoland as a cruise, too. You go up and down the lakeshore...when they show commercials for it, the audience is always roaring with laughter!!

  7. I'm sorry to hear the food was so bad! I attended this show in Portland, OR and I remember having salad and lasagna (AND cake). It was decent. That was at least 10 years ago, so maybe the menu has changed.

  8. Oh my, after the appetizers nothing to eat? Thats realy horrible. May be I can show you sometimes the buffet of my daughters wedding!

    Are you still hungry??


  9. Well, it sounds like almost all of you have heard of this play. I understand the menu changes depending on who's hosting the event. Lasagna sounds much better than what we had! :)
    We snuck out a little before the end so I am not sure if they served cake. I imagine so as I did see a wedding cake in the corner.

  10. I saw this play in Vancouver, B.C. about 9 years ago. Like Kashira we had salad, lasagna and cake. It was bad at all. We too laughed alot and had a good time. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Albeit abit hungry:)

  11. That sounds fun, even if you didn't have good food! Love your flower shot from the bridge.
    I have read those books, good aren't they, but did you notice how slow that kid of her's ages?

  12. LOL, Sandy (maine). I noticed that right off when I started reading this one and Arch was still just 14.

  13. Diane Mott Davidson - Since my mother moved to Boston I've not read any of these, as she would give them to me after she had read them.

    They're quite fun, aren't they?

  14. Sounds like a fun way to spend the w/e. Cutting costs on the food is not good! Doesn't do much for word-of-mouth advertising, does it? Otherwise it sounds great. Glad you had a good break and came home with a little something in your pockets.


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