Sunday, September 17, 2006

For City Slickers Who Have Never Seen a Skunk Hole

If you live in the country like me, you've probably seen plenty of these. My back yard is full of them today.

Skunks dig for grubs and leave these little holes all over the place.

DH gets very upset over these. He has already fixed them all.

I, on the other hand, am glad the skunk got the grub before it could eat my other plants.

It's all relative............isn't it?

As long as I'm posting again today, I may as well show you the same view as below, but with the asters opened....just 'cause they look so pretty.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here today. It must be in the 80's. I have just showered after working about 3 hours in the rock garden (I'll show you what I did another time).

Right now I am pulling the 'Green Acres' gown out of storage and going out to the deck to enjoy the beautiful afternoon.


  1. Well I'll be darned...we have plenty of skunks around here but it's the first time I hear that they dig up holes like that!! We've never found such holes in our lawn! Ugh, hopefully you can get that skunk under your deck to MOVE!! Zoey, this has nothing to do with skunks but is it usual for Clematis to start budding again after it's done? I was shocked to see a whole bunch of buds restarting on mine! Hugs xox

  2. Thanks for showing the skunk holes! and grubs are like worms, right?
    The asters do look pretty (and I have heard of those)
    Sue aka City Slicker!!

  3. I think the skunk is trying to spell out messages in your lawn. Could be as simple as 'I love grubs'. lol.

    Glad you had a gorgeous day. I did too: perfect weather. Lovely.

  4. I wish I could say I knew nothing of skunks, but unfortunately I know them all too well.

  5. Your gardens are gorgeous and your asters look great!

  6. Your asters are beautiful! I have a couple of pots that I`m going to try and plant when they finish blooming.
    What out for that skunk! :0)


  7. We have chestnut trees, so I think the little holes in my yard may be from squirrels looking for their 'nut stash' from last year.


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