Friday, September 8, 2006

I Went Shopping Today............

No, I did not buy shoes or clothes.

I bought something so big it had to be delivered.............

Bet you can't guess what.

Isn't it a beauty?

6 yards of nice screened top soil.
How lucky can a girl get on a Friday night?


  1. Do you have plans for the topsoil?The flowers on the right have snuck into shot? rudibeckias?

  2. Hi Snappy,
    I will be adding it in all the spots where I have removed flowers. I have big holes all over! DH will use some to top dress the lawn and throw some grass seed in areas where we can't seem to get grass to grow.

    Yes, they are rudibeckias.

  3. What are you going to use that for Zoey?
    Never mind....I bet we`ll all get to see :)
    And I`m jealous of your sedum!


  4. Sounds like you'll be having a little bit of company as you work in the garden this time!

  5. Can we guess who's going to spread it??? I see topsoil and I just want to plant more things in it.

  6. Congratulations to that soil. Better than all shoes of the word. This morning I give some compost on the boarders and my heart is happy now.


  7. I hear mud is good for the complexion too! ; )

  8. Better than shoes anyday!

  9. Found your blog while I was 'blogging around' on blogspot. You have a wonderful garden. I guess I'll stop by another time... :)

  10. Zoey, I am soooo jealous! I literally have to cart in every bit of soil for my garden. I just picked up 10 bags at Home Cheapo yesterday to augment the new daylilly bed. I'd better quit blogging about it and get out there now - the weather is great for digging in the dirt!

  11. Why don't you all come over for a ladies night and we'll slap mud packs all over our faces and talk about our gardens........

    Giddy, I know the feeling. I bought 10 bags when we did the pavers. It was awful stuff...all wet and rock hard. This stuff is much better. Have fun digging........


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