Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Barbie Dolls

Yesterday Pea has an interesting post about her childhood Barbie doll. She was asking others to post pictures of their childhood doll.

Well, I can't find any pics of my childhood doll, but I have some on file of the many dolls I created.

Yes, I was once a Babs collector. I have many stashed away in boxes.

But these are the cheap Barbie dolls I would buy to recreate. I redid the hair by using straws cut into tiny little rollers and giving Babs a home "perm". It was brutal. You rolled her hair on these little straws and used straight pins to hold them on. Then you dipped dear old Babs' head into boiling water to set the curls. You let her sit over night to dry, removed the straws and redid her hair style. I loved to do the upsweeps.

I also made all of the clothing, including the jewelry, except for the Ken groom. My MIL made that one. Both my mother and my MIL collected the dolls at the same time I did.

It was a fun hobby. I even did internet "swaps". The Easter set below was made for someone on the internet. The little doll inside the blue bunny was one I received from my swap partner. The blue bunny is made from a washcloth.

Thanks, Pea, for causing me to remember all of these and spend the time to find the pictures to post.


  1. Was I a normal child? I had no Barby doll, not one. My children had 20 each, but I do not like this dolls.
    Your photos let me look backwards to the childhood of my daughters.


  2. Ouch!! Poor Barbie.. I had 1 or 2 Barbie's and of course Ken also a Barbie dreamhouse that was made of a thick cardboard that would fold up, nothing as sophisticated as little girls have now. My little brother would get mad at me and cut my dolls hair off I had a bunch of bald dolls!! Ahh the good old days.

  3. Oh Zoey, what simply beautiful outfits you made for the barbies!! I so enjoyed clicking on each picture and looking at all the details! Hmmm I never thought of dipping my doll's head in boiling water to set curls! lol Most of my dolls just didn't HAVE heads cuz my brothers would steal them on me! lol And my poor dolls got many haircuts from them too! Thanks so much for taking the time to find these pictures....our inner child is still there, isn't it:-) Hugs xox

  4. I am still a Barbie collector. I just bought a few for buy one get 1 1/2 off. I keep them in their original boxes. Needless to say, I am running out of room and I think the pare down will be on my collection. I have my Babs from my girlhood too. I'll have to take some photos of them one of these days.
    Your dolls look wonderful! People do sell original Barbies on eBay and get some good money for them. I have a box of nakies to dress myself. One of these days...

  5. Fab outfits! I especially like the doll in black at the dinner table in the middle. She looks like one of the older Barbies.



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