Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yesterday I saw my First

Snake in the Garden.

You would think with the rocks I have, that I would see these little garden helpers all the time. I am glad I don't because I don't like them very much.

Here's another look at the Sedum 'Frosty Morn' which is doing-------nothing-------still nothing. You see what I meant when I said it's only real attraction is its foliage? The flower is just too blah to do anything. Just look how it compares to the Autumn Joy.

Maybe it's just my 'Frosty Morns'. Perhaps they know that I favor AJ and, as the least loved child, they don't put out much effort for me.
Does anyone have one that has beautiful blooms?

I have three different colored asters. You can see two of them here.

The hot pink in the front will be moved. I was waiting to see the color.


  1. I frequently see snakes in my garden and I just throw them over the fence. I figure they are eating a lot of those nasty slugs so I welcome them anytime. Luckily, we don't have any poisonous snakes up here! Your AJ's look great. Many variegated plants have great foliage at the expense of blooms, so it may be that your Frosty Morns are meant to have showy leaves and unremarkable flowers. They still look pretty.

  2. Snakes are not my most favorite things in the yard. At various times during our years here, the cats will "gift us" with one on the doorstep...

  3. We used to have a family of snakes living in our rocks. Didn't see them this year, though. I kind of miss them. I like it when benign creatures visit the garden.

  4. Ugh...don't like snakes much either!! The other day I was in the garden picking carrots and I could hear a rustling in the potatoes stalks...i was wary it was a snake but it ended up being Chippy the chipmunk! lol Hugs xox

  5. I have these little garden helpers also, they startle me but I like them! Mind you, I'm not picking them up.

  6. We see snakes once in a while-remember one of my blog entries in the summer showed Brian holding one with a stick? I wonder if digging around in the garden disturbed some of your pals? ; )

  7. That's a garter snake, purely benevolent, although they do eat toads and frogs, they also favor mice.

  8. Zoey, where have you been? We miss your posts!

  9. I saw one while moving some mulch hay onto the vege garden a while back. I asked it to wait while I ran to get the camera, but it didn't oblige :) Cute little fella it was. I only like the little benign ones!
    Your asters are looking very colorful Zoey. I have a bright pink one but it's been rather overtaken by the tall small-flowered rudbeckia. I didn't rip enough of that out during our very wet spring!


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