Sunday, September 3, 2006

Labor Day

Every year we go to a Labor Day deck party at my brother and sister-in-law's home on teh Sunday before Labor Day.

There are usually about 20 - 25 people who attend. We always have a good time.

This year I made the potato dish. I decided to make two different dishes.

These are cream cheese and chives potatoes. It's a dish that I'd never made before, so it was a little risky. Fortunately it turned out very good. It's a definite keeper.
I did not precook my potatoes as it states in the recipe. I just put them in the sauce raw and cooked them in my Nesco for about 45 minutes. I also doubled both of these recipes.

And this is a cheesy hash browned potato casserole.

Last year my brother-in-law made this berm with a pond.

I was amazed at how much everything had grown since last year. He has an automatic watering system, so it gets daily water.

It's really coming along quite nicely.


  1. Both potato casseroles look yummy. I've copied them.
    The pond area does look nice. Great way of laying it out...

  2. YUM! I miss potatoes. We don't eat them much these days since they tend to go straight to my hips and stay there

  3. Good to see you like our kind of cookin! (The recipe from Southern U.S. Cuisine, will be added to my recipe box!) ;o)

  4. Greetings from UK, yorkshire to be precise.

    I enjoyed reading your blog!!



  5. Hi Zoey,

    I spent this rainy day reading a lot of your blog from the very beginning! We have much in common - I read aloud many of your posts to Hubby and he said "Geez, it sounds just like you"! I look forward to reading lots more. Unfortunately, up here in the wilds of Maine, we are relegated to dial up internet service and it takes me a bit of time to read everything.

  6. I love any kind of potatoe dish so I've copied both recipes..yummmm! Glad you had a great Labor Day and I just love the pond your brother in law made, it's gorgeous!

  7. I hope you all enjoy the potato dishes if you end up making them.

    Giddy, I am so glad you found the read enjoyable. I will have to tell my DH that there is someone just like me out there...he won't believe it! LOL

    Mrs. Nesbitt, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I visited your blog a couple of days ago and typed out a nice long comment and poof! it disappeared...that darn blogger. I will visit again soon.


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