Friday, September 29, 2006

The Big Dump Has Begun

I spent about a half an hour after work dumping pots of flowers. I dumped three wheelbarrow loads and that was all I felt like doing. No need to knock myself out, I can finish this weekend.

I noticed a little color in the wooded area and grabbed my camera and went for a walk. I love taking pics of the old barn in the fall and winter.

Same barn, but taken from this side there is not much color. I took the picture through the chain of this old rusted swing set.

What's everyone doing this weekend?

I am planning to stay home the whole weekend and finish cleaning up the deck and doing a few household chores. I might putter around with a new quilt block or maybe read one of the new books I brought home from the library Tuesday. No real plans. I intend to do whatever I feel like at the moment. I hope I feel like getting a lot of work done, but if not..........oh will wait for me.


  1. Zoey, I just love your property. I would love to just roam around after a hard day at work and let my stress fly away like the fall leaves.

    Now for the weekend, I'm going to a bridal show on Sunday with my little sister who just got engaged. And tomorrow I'm going to get my hair cut so that it won't resemble an electrocuted poodle. Thought of working in the garden and cleaning up the pond but they are forecasting rain, AGAIN, for the fourth week in a row. Enough already. It is freezing here today and I'm more inclined to grap a good book sit by the fireplace and dream of next year's garden. TWT

  2. Hi, I have been reading your blogs for a couple of weeks. Your gardens, flowers, plants and property are just lovely.

    I was in Torch Lake last summer for a family vacation and have to say my husband and I left our hearts in Michigan. I hope to retire in Michigan someday soon.

    This weekend I will be working in my flower garden. The cold nights has killed a few plants and they need to be pulled.

    I want to take a walk in the forest preserve.

    I will also be sewing.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. TwT, a rainy weekend sounds like a perfect time to go to a bridal shower. I've been meaning to get my hair cut for the past month, but haven't made the appt yet. My hairdresser only works 3 days/week, so if I forget to call on one of those days, I'm out of luck.
    Welcome dubiquilts and thank you for the nice comments. What state are you in now? Michigan is lovely, but be prepared for harsh winters!

  4. Oh Zoey I love your barn. Have you ever thought of turning it into a potting shed? Or just a little get away in the woods? I just love things like that.

    I'll probably do a little baking tomorrow I've been wanting a pumpkin cake or maybe an apple cake or maybe both.

    Whatever you decide to do I hope you enjoy it. One thing I have learned about housework it will always wait for you:(

  5. anonymous,
    I would LOVE to turn that old barn into a garden shed with a little picket fence vegetable garden off to the side. Don't you think that would be lovely?
    There is just one BIG problem.
    I don't own it!

    It adjoins my property,but it's not mine.

  6. Hey Zoey that was me.

    LOL I guess that could be a problem.

  7. That rustic barn makes a great background for the colorful leaves! I too, will be doing the dumping thing on Sunday. Today is just too beautiful to stay home, so we are taking a road trip up country to find a moose! Will hopefully have pictures to put on the blog tomorrow - everyone keep your fingers crossed.

  8. I tried to do some work in the garden today (Saturday) but it was cold and damp and couldn't make up its mind whether it was raining or not. Then it started raining for real so I gave up and cuddled up with my husband and son watching a DVD movie. If the weather is better tomorrow I will try to get stuff done in the garden again.

  9. So you're already seeing fall colors...not much is happening here yet.

    You just dump out your plants in the fall? Will they live in that pile or do you just start over every year with new plants?

  10. Made it to the Renn Fest!
    Last day was today, it was gorgeous.

    That's where Mark and I met, and we have lots of friends there. It was good to get a chance to see them, if only for a brief visit.

  11. Our weather on Saturday was just like Karen's. I wanted to garden, but caught up on reading blogs instead. That's always fun.
    Your orange leaves and barn pic is gorgeous. Too bad the barn isn't yours.
    I dump the potting soil from my containers on my gardens and the plants go on the compost heap. Yes, it's lots of work!


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