Friday, September 15, 2006

Fire King Peach Lustre Bowls

Does anyone remember these bowls? My mother had them when I was growing up. I hated them.

A few years back I saw a set of six in a junk/treasure store and I bought them.

Now they are my favorite bowl to eat out of while I'm 'puting. They are especially nice for cold ice cream or hot soup because you hold the handle and it's not cold/hot on your hands.

Yeah, it's a sloooww day for blog material.


  1. OMG this is just too weird..I was gone to an antique/collectibles shop today and they had a whole set of the Fire King Peach Lustre dishes...I remember my mom having some of the pieces!! What a coincidence that you should talk about them in your post today!! Hugs xox

  2. Didn't these come in a greenish color too? I remember my Grandma having something similar in green!

  3. Pea, that is a coincidence! I have a whole set of the dinner dishes. I sometimes set my table in black and peach with them.

    Sue, I've never seen them in green, but it's certainly possible.

  4. Zoey, when I was a child, I hate a lot of things my parents like! But a bowl like yours I have never seen.


  5. Yes, I remember them from the olden days, as my grandsons called the time when I was young.---back in the olden days, grammy, did you have electricity???? or what came first, grammy, you or tv????

    My sis has a antique store in Oklahoma and she has lots of people coming in asking for Fire King.

  6. Sigrun,
    do you find you like some of it as you get older?

    LOL. You or electricity! Kids say the darndest things.


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