Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tiny and Delicate Are not Adjectives Often Used to Describe Fall Flowers

unless you are growing colchium.
Long after the thick green foliage has gone, the little lavender crocus-like blooms shoot up from bare ground.

I only received these bulbs last fall. When I got them, I didn't even know what they were. They just appeared on my deck. I still don't know who put them there. (Here is my first post about these flowers)

Thanks to a lot of info from Kathy and Chloe, I am now pretty colchium savvy.

I am very thankful to whomever put them on my deck. I hope they multiply fast because I wouldn't mind having a few more. As you can see, they are barely visible in front of the huge boulder.

These little beauties were the cause of a lot of work for me today. You see, I thought I would just run out and get a quick picture. While out there, I spotted this mess of Snow-in-summer plants (Cerastium tomentosum) growing in the middle of this creeping phlox. There's also some
Bishop's Weed, Gout Weed, Snow-on-the-Mountain (Aegopodium podagraria)...whatever you call it, it's a very aggressive plant that I want out of this area. It's the variegated stuff near the shovel.

Before you could say "albino tulip", I had the shovel and wheelbarrow out and started digging. I spent about an hour out there.


  1. Hi there...worked all day yesterday with my daughter doing the fall clean up and plant dividing etc...was going to my place today but guess's raining all day.. wouldn't ya know it.

    Lovely garden and lovely post...
    chat soon.thanks for peeking in at savvycityfarmer.

  2. Oh my gosh, can you send me some of your energy?

    Also, I need to ask you if you know of any plant or combination of plants that would look good growing in a tall thin metal bucket (an old sap collecting bucket from a maple syrup operation). I almost bought a few of these from a second-hand store, but I had no idea what to plant in them.

    But I thought to myself, "If anyone would know, Zoey would."

  3. Hi Cityfarmer, Glad you could stop by.

    Because the sap bucket is tall and cone shaped how about something round to give the impression of an ice cream cone? A big mound of mums kept trimmed so they form a ball?
    Anybody else have any ideas?

  4. Hydrangeas of any color! They keep long in the vase, as well.

  5. It's impossible to go out to the garden and not find a job that needs doing. You really do seem to have boundless energy Zoey.
    Just thought of another question you asked a while back that I don't think I answered: Yes, I usually do have some mildew on the phlox and monarda. This year, strangely enough, the phlox have been mildew free, but there's been some on the monarda. Do you get much of it?
    Those colchicums are neat!


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