Saturday, September 9, 2006

Sunflower Tablescape

Early this morning I decided to create some sort of tablescape to go with the new gold dinner plates I bought last week. Since the plates are a sunflower color, I thought they were perfect for a fall themed table.

This blue glass went perfectly with the placemat. However, it reminds me more of a nautical theme than an autumn theme. I also need something with a bit more visual weight on top of that salad plate..

I'm liking this with my autumn leaf glasses.The brown soup cup on top of the salad plate gives me the visual weight I need to anchor the setting. It looks a little too weighty right now, but I when I add more of the same dark pottery, it will balance out.

I like a cloth napkin inside the glass, but with the leaf design on this particular glass that does not work. If I put the napkin in the glass, you can't see the leaves. After pondering that for a few minutes I came upon the idea to fold the napkin into a triangle and put it inside the soup cup.

I like it.

I went outside and picked some of my sunflowers and put them in a dark pottery pitcher that matched the soup cups, added a few candles and I was finished.

I love this little donkey vase. He worked perfectly on this table.

And dinner is served


  1. I love your tablescape. You have such a gift for creating these!

  2. Wow, dinner at your house is an adventure in tablescaping!

  3. Love this harvest table. Your glasses are perfect and unique. And couldn't help but notice the delicious dinner gracing your plate. Yummy. Your family is lucky to have you -- beauty inside and outside of the home. TWT

  4. I think you should work for Sandra Lee!
    Lovely table indeed!

  5. Zoey, do you have entire place settings of each of these table scapes, or do you just find neat things for you and DH? I certainly envy you taking the time to set a beautiful table every night. I'm lucky if I can get around to it once a week!

  6. Thanks, everyone.
    Giddy, I don't have complete sets of all the dinnerware. I only bought the dinner plates of this one. I don't like having all the same. I prefer the to mix/match.
    It's just a fun hobby.

  7. Lovely set table! Adore the donkey and what`s that on the plates? :)

  8. Thanks, Tea. It's Petite Steaks in tomato sauce with pasta and baked squash.


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