Sunday, September 17, 2006

Whatever happens to those finished quilts?

I always wonder that when I read a quilt blog and they show their finished work of art.

I love it when they show me a picture of it on the bed, on the wall, or wherever it ends up living.

So with that in mind, I photographed the new home of my most recently finished quilt.

I decided it worked right on the edge of the living room sofa.

I folded it small enough so it's unobtrusive. You really don't see much of it from the frontal view.

It's easily retrieved for those chilly afternoons when I want to snuggle in front of FoodTV or watch taped episodes of old gardening shows. It also works well to cover a big basket of gardening magazines that I am tired of looking at, but I don't want to pack away because I still like to leaf through them now and then.

Or I may want to flop down here, get all snuggly, and look through one of the many old flower arranging books I purchased from an estate auction a few years back.

I bought about two dozen books on flower arranging from the 1960's as well as a huge box of old cookbooks from that auction.

I always think these auctions are so sad. Dumped out on the front lawn of the surviving heir were boxes full of things this woman once treasured. People (like me) were pawing through the boxes. To the inheriting heir this stuff was just junk they wanted to be rid of.

I'd like to think the lady would be happy that someone like me is still caring for and enjoying her treasures.


  1. When we moved up here to our new home, the movers charged us by the pound, so I had to make some very difficult decisions. One of the hardest was to get rid of my collection of Bon Appetit magazines dating back to 1978! And then, my huge stack of gardening magazines, as well. Oh, the pain!

  2. Your living room is very pretty. I was checking out that one wall with all the pictures-are they of local things or a grouping by the same artist? and Is that paneling you installed? Nosy aren't I?
    I'm glad you'll be enjoying your quilt and it looks pretty there.
    And I see you have a curio cabinet too?

  3. Thank you, Dianne. It's OK if you're nosy...I am, too.
    I certainly did NOT install that paneling. It is cedar paneling that was here when I bought the house. I want it removed and was just telling DH a few days ago that we need to find someone to do it. I almost did not post this picture because that ugly paneling was visible.

    The pictures are all lighthouses prints.
    Yes, there is a curio cabinet and on the opposite wall (the one you don't see) there is a dark wood china cabinet to balance the dark wood behind the sofa.
    Thank you so for your interest. I know you are into decorating. :)

    I feel your pain.
    Before I bought this house, I moved about every year or so. I had to donate all my fabric and 'Quilt World' magazines to the local senior center way back around 1983. I sometimes still wish I had a certain fabric that I donated.
    Of course, now that I no longer move, I've accumulated waaayyy too much junk!
    I am a true junk collector at heart.

  4. I always admire anyone who can quilt...that's something I've never learned to do! I love where you placed them, they fit right in!! Love all your pictures, still so many flowers that are blooming...the Fall Mums are all in bloom around here right now. Like you, I always find estate sales very sad but I've always thought that when I buy something, then at least the items have found a good home:-) Hugs xox

  5. So that's the secret to your flower arranging talent. Now we know! ;-)

    Are those uranium glass candlesticks (some people call it vaseline glass) that I see? Or are they just plain yellow? My eye always goes straight to coloured glass wherever I see it -- can you tell?


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