Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall Decorating

I've been trying to get inspired to do some fall decorating and have been surfing for ideas.

I don't have a window box, but if I did, this is what I would like it to look like for fall:


Isn't that a simple beautiful arrangement?

I thought this was a cute centerpiece
directions to make it are here.

And how cute is this one with the pinecones, pumpkins and a bird’s nest?
I found it here.

Here are a couple of cute wreaths that I found here.

So, what was I inspired to make?
I just can't summon the energy to do anything but look.

Has anyone else done any fall crafting this year?


  1. Oh wow all these arrangements are so gorgeous..I especially love the centerpiece with the candles! I'm not much of a craft person although I have made some things in the past...I'm going to copy that "how to" page for that centerpiece!!

  2. Like you, I'm having difficulty ginning up the enthusiasm and energy to decorate for fall. Ennui usually sets in about this time of year and I find it difficult to even get the plants inside to overwinter. I'm sure I'll get a last burst of energy before a hard freeze hits - at least I hope so!

  3. I haven't done much decorating yet just some indian corn and bittersweet on the door. But I have made a new hosta bed my backyard is a pain to mow so I dug it all up and extended my garden all I have back there now is paths that I can weedwack:)
    I'm sure you will have your deck looking beautiful in no time at all.

  4. One year I did some fall decorating, with Indian corn on my porch railings, that sort of thing. The squirrels ate the corn right off the cob. After that I decided, no more fall decorating for me. ;-)

  5. I got out to the craft store last week and made up a bit of decoration for the door.


    I meant to get a wreath, or make up a wreath, but there weren't any I liked and no blanks. Oh, well. At least this way, I can change out the silk flowers when I want a change.


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