Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Almost Bedtime for the Gardens

I haven't taken a garden walk for at least 5 days. So as energyless as I am tonight, I forced myself to grab the camera and go for a stroll.
Boy, what a difference since last week! Almost all of the black-eyed Susans are gone now.

There is little left to the coleus in the old milk can.

The globe thistle has turned completely brown.

As has the .....the......the......
I hate when this happens.....I can't remember the name....coarse foliage....rudbeckia........purple flower.............well, honestly, it's a common flower......

Whew, it was tought gettting the old brain to pull that one out.

The deck looks even worse.

I'd say the wall planters are finished.

I have SO MUCH work ahead of me getting all this cleaned up and put away.
I hope I get some energy by this weekend.


  1. Dying or not, your garden still stubbornly looks beautiful. Tony and Tina`s wedding looks like a blast!


  2. Your garden has provided so many people with so much pleasure all spring and summer. You both deserve a rest!

  3. I love Autumn but there is one thing I don't like about it and that's to see our flowers die. They all look so bedraggled now. I can see you'll be busy too this weekend!!

  4. But even as it fades your garden is lovely. I'm not sure what to do with all my planters now, either. The ones on the front are holding up so far, but the back patio is looking a little bedraggled. I spent a few hours in the garden today and the sun (almost shorts weather again) made me feel energetic about it, but there is so much left to do, what with all the rain we've been having. Gah!

  5. Having a senior moment there Zoey? LOL I'm just kidding I also hate when that happens and it happens a LOT.. This is kind of a sad time of the season when all the flowers are dying,but I love the fall.

  6. Im jealous, your garden is gorgeous!!
    Peace, Kai.

  7. You have had a frost then, I thought for sure we would last night, but only got down to 38.

    Do you trim everything back to the ground? I worked a bit this week, but will do most of the work after the first frost. Your garden has very good feng shui, did you plan that?

  8. Sandy, I have not been hit by frost yet. It's been down in the 30's, but no frost. Tell me more about the good feng shui because I did not realize I had it!

    Thanks, Kai, Sue, Karen, Tea & Pea for the nice comments. I actually enjoy seeing the flowers as they fade out. Tea & Pea.......I love how that sounds...LOL

    Pat, I've been having waaaaay to many of those senior moments lately!

  9. I will send you some energy your way if you promise to send it right back.
    Yes, lots of work to do around here too. Still, your garden looks pretty!
    Take a break and come to a tea party!


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