Monday, July 5, 2010

More Lilies, a Wally World Bargain, & a CC Disappointment

I went for my after-work garden stroll and was all excited to see another new Tango lily has opened. This one is yellow...........hmmm....I don't remember ordering any yellow Tangos. I think this is 'Capuchino' but for some reason these petals are yellow instead of the white they should be. That's fine with me because I have enough of the white -- I only ordered more because they were part of the collection.

I am still waiting for the 'dot com' (pink) and the Kentucky (orange) to open.

A lot more of my tall Asiatic orange and red lilies have opened. I really like these together. You can see the Tango 'Capuchinos' in the back. If you enlarge this pic, you should be able to see the yellow petals in the front and the older ones that are white in the back.

For the past few weeks I have been admiring some of the bold bracelets that one of our young dining room hostesses has been wearing. Every time I mention how much I like a piece, she tells me she got it at Wally's World.

So this weekend I went to WW and wandered through the jewelry department. I found three really fun bracelets and I only paid $13.00!

$13.00 total for all three! I wore the orange one yesterday to our BBQ party.
It was a good match to my big bold Coldwater Creek orange necklace. I am going to check out WW more often. I have a ton of necklaces, but very few fun bracelets. I have a small wristful of gold bracelets, but sometimes I want funky and fun--especially in the summer.

I am slightly miffed at Coldwater Creek. I have mentioned before that I order just about all my clothing from CC--hardly a week goes by that I don't get a delivery at work.Two weeks ago I ordered these:
Yes, they are ants--big black heavy metal ants. I ordered 8 of them.

CC also has many unique items for entertaining. These ants are tablecloth weights! You set them around your outdoor tablecloth so it does not blow off the table. How clever is that? I had DH's birthday deck dinner (in August) all planned--right down to the red checkered tablecloth. I mean, really, could anything be more cute than big ants on a red-checkered tablecloth? I was going to use my black octagon dinner plates, red wine glasses and my vintage picnic basket with a huge floral arrangement with those red/black 'Olina' lilies at the back of the table. You all know how excited I get over a good tablescape...

Well, today I got an email that they had no more ants in stock, so I would not be getting them. much for my well-thought out plans. I guess there will be no ants at my deck dnner this year.


  1. My Capuchinos are yellow as well. I was really impressed with how well they bloomed! They were much taller than some of my second-year lilies.

    I may have to order some of the Olinas. They will be a nice offset to my all-red Cote d-Azur lilies.

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  3. Danielle, I am so surprised to hear that yours are yellow, too! I wonder if different years they are different colors.???
    thanks for the comment.

  4. Love ALL the gorgeous lilies you have.
    Have you googled ant tablecloth holders? CC can't possibly be the only place that sells them. Speaking of CC, went to the outlet store in Rehoboth Beach, DE and got a nice black top, an aqua short sleeved sweater, a tall wooden candle holder for mom and a cork wrapped vase for me.

    And a few other stores too! You can call to see if they are in stock. Can't disappoint DH!

  6. Dianne, Thanks for googling them. I had already done so. The ones you found are not like the ones I wanted. I want the heavy metal ones that stand on top of the table. I found a few places that had the ones with hooks that dangle on the edge. Thanks for trying!

  7. Those bracelets are a super buy and I love that orange one you're wearing!
    About those metal ants..too bad you didn't get them but I'm sure you will figure out something have great entertaining ideas!

  8. cute bracelets....great price...


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