Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tango lily 'Olina' made her Appearance on July 4th

Red with a near-black throat--gorgeous!

Just like almost everyone in the US this weekend, we have been busy with Independence Day celebrations. Last night we grilled and had my Mom & Dad over.

This afternoon we go to the inlaws.

I just finished my contributions:

A Tri-Pasta Italiano salad

and some blueberry/raspberry bites.
Yeah, I know the mini cheesecakes look a little bare. That was not the finished picture. I piped cheesecake filling in each shell, then topped it with a raspberry and more blueberries. If I were a good blogger, I would go take a pic of the finished product. They kept falling over on this tray so I put them back in their original holders and stuck them in the fridge until we get ready to go.

I hate toting food to potlucks--it's almost impossible to get to your destination and still have the food look good.

update: I just could not post without pulling them out of the refrigerator and getting a photo of the finished bites. The filling has lime juice in it, so I sprinkled a bit of lime zest over the top of them.

Earlier this morning I was working on a blue jean handbag for my mom. I was going along at a good pace until I got to the handle--ever try turning denim right side out? Trust me, it's impossible to get a nice thin strap when you have multiple seams. I wasted a couple of hours trying, then started over and decided to use seam binding. It's a tad too wide for my taste, but that is probably the way it's going to stay.

I have already put pockets in the lining

Now I need to make side gussets, sew the lining in and put a zipper on the top.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday! What is everybody doing? Is anyone just staying home like I wish I was today? :) It's already 85 degrees, so I opted out of going to the parade. What I would really like to do is stay home and eat leftovers from yesterday.


  1. Oooh that 'Olina' is gorgeous!!
    And those tarts and the salad look so yummy and beautiful.
    Your Mom will love the denim bag.
    Happy July 4th to you Zoey..

  2. What a beautiful lily! I'm so happy that you got some foxglove, even if they are stunted! Your food looks delishes, especially the mini cheesecakes! Yummy! Jean

  3. the lily BEAUTIFUL
    the salad BEAUTIFUL and looks YUMMY
    the raspberry bites BEAUTIFUL and looks YUMMY
    the purse CUTE!
    Hope your 4th was GRAND

  4. You've been busy in so many ways! The lily is a winner! Very unusual. Yummy looking cheesecake bites and a cute looking purse!

  5. Straps - Use an outside stitch, like the outside leg of a pair of jeans. I like to use two pieces of fabric, so this stitch line runs down both sides of the strap. Use contrasting thread or go with the blue.

    Much less hassle than trying to turn it, and a clean finish.

    Something to think about.

  6. For you, Zoey, for all the pleasure I have gotten from reading your garden and decor adventures, I feel I owe you.

    So this was easy:

    Pay no mind to the rest of that blog, it's just a place I 'hold' things.


  7. Oh, my goodness, those tango lilies are something new I could start collecting. I just am not sure where I'd put them. Maybe it's time to talk my husband out of some more grass.

    What a bummer you didn't get those ants. They are so cool!

    Maybe I shouldn't have read this post, though. I am trying to de-clutter a room. There is a box of jeans somewhere in there that I was saving to make a rag rug with. I told myself I was not going to get a rag rug made, and if I decided to make one, I should get some regular fabric to do it, so I should get rid of those jeans. Hmm, I wonder if I'm good enough at sewing to make some bags? First, I have to dig out my sewing machine, and will need to get an adjustment I can't think of the name of, where the bottom seam is not all messed up.


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