Saturday, July 17, 2010

Driftwood Redo

I find this time of the year so sad. Most of my flowers have bloomed and when they die off, I have little to look forward to for the next few months.

In anticipation of this, I moved a few of my deck canna containers to the main gardens. I nestled them among the foliage and it has now grown tall enough to hide all of the containers.

This driftwood garden is one example.

See the big canna leaves behind the driftwood? No? Here is a close up:
The green striped leaves are Tropicanna Gold; the dark-striped leaves in the back on each side are the original Tropicanna. These are my original cannas and I still think they have the most interesting foliage coloration. If all goes as planned they will all shoot up big orange flowers in slightly different shades.

I moved one of my begonia/creeping Jenny conainers in a crevice of this driftwood. It sits perfectly in a V-joint of the driftwood. I get more pleasure from this container here than when it was inside the milk can further down the path.
Here is the backside where you can see the container.
I will show you pics later when (and if) they blooom.


  1. I agree...the summer flowers have really slowed down because of this intense heat and the fall ones haven't started so the garden looks kind of blah.

  2. Yes, the daylilies are almost finished, and I am sad.

    I love your driftwood and pots. I put pots around where there are bare spots, too.

  3. Hi Zoey. I love old driftwood in the garden. Your plantings on yours just are the right touch. It looks so wonderful with the begonias.

  4. zoey - you are a total artist - always shifting and changing and rearranging your BIG canvas. Lovely. What you do with your gardens is inspirational.

  5. Zoey...I love the driftwood also....

  6. Sometimes you just have to move things around. I like how the Creeping Jenny and Begonia look with the driftwood.
    I still believe in sticking a few annuals here and there so you have something to look at when the perennials die off. My last few Daylilies are now blooming. The poor Starglazer got it from the rain. Do you have any of those? Their scent is amazing.

  7. Hi Zoey - You're right, this time of year is a little bit sad. When I start seeing all that yellow in my gardens (rudbeckia, heliopsis) I know that autumn is just around the corner, and dreaded winter right after that. Great idea moving your containers into your gardens - I think I need to give that a try. Your gardens look amazing, as always!

  8. BES Vine will grow as large/tall as you let it. I have noticed that it is an aggressive reseeder. The more water I give it the better it does, will tolerate short times of drought though.


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