Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jean's Foxglove & Asiatics Begin to Bloom

I have to show you the foxglove that Jean sent me. She sent me some seeds two years ago. I am a sad sower of seeds, but I did manage to get three of these to bloom, though they are way shorter than they should be. I attribute that to my
'have-shovel-will-move' gardening attitude. I moved them this spring and probably stunted their growth.

I am just happy they flowered and I am making sure to let them seed so I can get more of them. Thanks, again, Jean. It is fun to have something growing from your New York garden!

The bright magenta flower behind the foxglove is Lychnis Coronaria, also known as Rose Campion. Here is a better pic of it behind some silver artemesia:

Here is my first Tango lily --'Capuchino'. I planted 3 new varities this year and can't wait to see the colors.

I don't remember the name of this orange Asiatic, which looks similar to the Tangos.

Here is the Easter lily that once graced my dining table. This one is not an Asiatic. I love the big white trumpet buds. It's been coming back for quite a few years.


  1. Your lilies are awesome! Thanks for showing up the plants you got from seeds. I tried the Rose Campion you sent and they didn't come up. I should have tried them in pots maybe. I do have a few plants (perennials) I got from seed-the watermelon color Bee balm and the Dinner plate Hibiscus.
    You asked me about my herbs-I just have one of each plant-I did buy two basil plants though. I make pesto once in a while, but mainly I save the leaves in the freezer for use all winter.

  2. I could fill a whole corner with Foxglove....I love 'em!


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