Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shasta Daisies Make Great Centerpieces

There is no shortage of Shasta daisies in my yard. Shastas are pretty low maintenance...that is until they die and you have to cut them all down. To my eyes few flowers drag down the looks of garden more than a big clump of dead Shastas. But for the next week or so, they will look all fresh, white and pretty.

I will enjoy them in a few bouquets like this one I made a couple of days ago:
I used one of these flower tower vases:

The vases makes it very easy to arrange the flowers. All you have to do is cut the stems the same length and stick them in.
I also used one of my denim handbags as a vase! It was the inspiration for a full table setting. I did a post about it over at Tablescaping.

In addition to all the Shasta dasies, I also have a lot of yellow daylilies blooming right now. This end of the main arbor garden is almost all yellow.


  1. The denim handbag makes a wonderful vase..I love daisies but yes what deadbeats when they are finished blooming.
    Your garden is a feast to my eyes..thank you Zoey!

  2. I love both of your bouquets. I may have a vase similar to your first one. I collect flower frogs, or I should say I have a collection of them. I am not currently seeking them out or looking at every one that gets put on ebay like I used to.

    I had to chuckle at your description of moving your plants around, and what your neighbor said. I have been deadheading early each morning, then going in to try to get my cluttered room uncluttered. This morning, a 7 year old neighbor boy asked me if I "do that all day." LOL

  3. Very pretty arrangements! I did a post on Daisies (Shasta) too.

  4. Beautiful...I just wish the fresh arrangments lasted longer.


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