Saturday, July 10, 2010

Out Pops ' Vivaldi'

'Vivaldi' is a pretty pink Asiatic hybrid that I planted in 2003. She is the one next to the white trumpet (Easter) lilies that I showed you a few days ago.
Look how pink the Drumstick Allium is since I posted their last pic. I must say I get a lot of enjoyment from the little drumsticks.
I see no sign of the big yellow calla lilies yet, so I doubt that they will bloom while I still have any white lilies left. Darn!

My lavender has also burst into color.

I think the deck containers will be putting out some color soon. This corner is full of green.
I am expecting loads of bright colors in the near future. You can see a few dahlia buds. There are about 5 pots of dahlias all across both sides of the back. They should shoot up another 3 feet or so very quickly and cover the entire railing, then explode with yellow daisy-like flowers. They will be the background for orange cannas and purple 'Rembrandt' dahlias. That's the plan, anyway.....
I do have a large container of calla lilies blooming on the deck.

These are the same flower as the spotted leaves that should be blooming next to the white Easter lily.


  1. Once again a beautiful tiptoe through your flowers..really Zoey I was careful where I put my feet:)

  2. Hi Zoey. Oh, I love your Calla Lilies on your deck. Just gorgeous! The pink and white lilies are beauties too. I like white lilies so much in the garden to brighten it up.

  3. Everywhere you look, there is color. One thing I've noticed, is that some years certain plants bloom at the same time, and other years, they are off. Maybe next year, the two colors of lilies will bloom at the same time.

  4. Your flowers are doing wonderful this year! Gorgeous everything!

  5. Betty, I have no doubt that you would be a very careful tiptoer! :)

    Hocking Hills, Thanks you. Callas are one of my favorites. They are so big, bold, bright and different. I got all of my yellow callas from my MIL years ago.

    Deb, Thank you so much.

    Corner G. Sue, That is so true. I have noticed a two week difference in bloom times this year.

    Dianne, Thank you. Last year I planted all the new Tangoes, so this year I have new flowers to post about. The Tangoes have been very successful. I have had the Capuchinoes for three years now and they just keep getting better.


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