Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bean There Done That

That title pretty much sums up my day--in more ways than one.

Early this morning I was out moving plants again.

A couple of weeks ago, I moved a gold double daylily to this section. Today I took it out.

I decided I wanted only red in this area, so I put a red daylily in its place.

I moved the gold 'Condilla' daylily in front of this milk can, where there used to be a big sedum 'Autumn Joy'. There is another 'C0ndilla' a feet up from this one. The gold/yellow is such a strong color that I thought they should be in the same area. I think it gives a much bigger impact than having two scattered about.

The Sedumn AJ ended up here . I needed one here to match the other big one on the opposite side (which you cannot see in this picture).

I spent considerable effort-- in nearly 100 percent humidity-- removing the rest of this creeping phlox (pic taken in early July) to make room for the SAJ and a hosta in front of the lavender.
All of that (and moving a half dozen tall purple phlox & a couple of hosta) took about three hours. Then it started to rain, which is exactly what I had hoped would happen.

I got to go inside, shower and do next to nothing for the remainder of the afternoon. I did a read a little bit. I started a new cozy mystery last night. Check out the title--hence, the title for my post today. :)The murder-solving sleuth owns a coffee shop, thus the "bean" in the title refers to coffee beans. This is my first read from this author. So far I am enjoying it. Anybody else read her books?


  1. Relocated some plants myself today... It is funny how we move things around and we are not satisfied. Takes a lot of time to find the right balance, but you know for sure when you have it right. It is then that you say to yourself, "I love this"...

  2. Hi Allie, That is so true, but with me I usally end up two weeks later not loving it! LOL. I guess if I did not move plants so often, I would not have nearly as much fun gardening. I don't get a lot of pleasure out of looking at the same thing every day.

  3. I also need to move a few things and dig up some pesky ornamental grass-but I can't do it in the heat and humidity. I think the one daylily I want to move has died back for the year.
    Everything looks great in your gardens.
    I am reading a book by a local author about sisters in the middle 1840s who were spiritualists. I was in the choir with the author's mom many years ago and her name is Dianne too.

  4. I haven't been moving much around, but am thinking about taking out some of the spiderwort plants. They look bad this time of year.

    Can one find and plant those tango lilies this time of year, or do we plant them as bulbs? I have some spots where something tall and not so wide would fit.

  5. Dianne, how neat to know the author. I am sure that adds excitemet to your reading.

    Sue, I ordered the Tango lilies and they came in the fall. I am planning to plant more lilies this fall if any of our local stores have anything interesting.


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