Friday, July 9, 2010

Responding to a few Comments

Every now and then I like to share some comments in a blog post. My feeling is that not very many people go back to a post and click on comments to see if their question is answered. So I like to answer questions or comment on comments that I think may be of interest to others. So that is what today's post will be.

Jody from the Daily Fiber asked a question that I bet many of you are wondering:
Zoey! How is it that your gardens are still so green and vibrant? Isn't Michigan experiencing this damnable heat wave too!!! Everything looks so serene and cool at your place. Your lilies have real Ooooooh factor! Are you planning to grow any climbers on your lovely arbor?

Well, Jody, Yes, we are getting that heat wave--we have all been complaining for the past 4 days--most of us in the north do not like days over 80 degrees! Luckily we got quite a bit of rain last week and most of my gardens are in shaded areas. We are getting a bit of rain today, too. It's still way too hot and humid!!!

The last question is the one I think many wonder's unusual to have arbors and not grow anything up them!
I am trying to grow mandevilla up the arbor by the Tango lilies.

It's starting to take off,
but since it's shaded there doesn't seem to be many flowers. I am still hoping to get something that looks nice before the end of my gardening season. I have tried for years to get something to grow up the big arbor, but nothing seems to want that rocky area for its home!

Corner Gardener, Sue, has a good eye: ...I see you also grow globe thistles...
Yes, I do Sue. I love Globe Thistles. Here they are just beginning to show some color.
Very soon they will bloom in cool blue spheres.

and for Tracy, who says:... I just want to sit at your table with a nice cool drink and enjoy the scenery!

Do you take sugar in your iced tea?

Hope you are all staying cool,



  1. Hi Zoey! LOL - thanks so much for the iced tea! You are too funny. :-) That little blue bird house is adorable and perfect. We're *trying* to stay cool - it's been in the 90's here in MA all week too. Our 'winter hardened/no A/C in the house' selves just can't take this much heat. We're getting a break this weekend though - 80's and maybe some showers - Woo Hoo! Tracy

  2. no sweet tea here...I love it when bloggers answer questions on their posts....

  3. Zoey, I really enjoy getting a better look at your gardens. It's nice to get some perspective. The Tango lilies are beautiful. Jean

  4. Great idea to answer questions! Wonder photos to go along.

  5. Hi Zoey,
    What a fun post! Thanks for the link. Did I mention I planted some globe thistles in the veggie garden to harvest for drying? I need to get out there and cut them before they go to seed like they did last year. I am still pulling out little thistle plants.

    I subscribe to follow-up comments, then just skim them unless something strikes my interest. I used to reply to every comment on my posts, but just can't keep up with it anymore.

  6. Hi Tracy,I have been gone all weekend ( I set up automatic posts) and just realized that I did hot hyperlink to your blog....20 lashes with a wet noodle for me! I just fixed that error...I am so sorry; I did not mean to leave you out!

    Deb, You're my kind of sweet tea for me either!

    Hi Jean, I am really loving those Tango lilies! It is so nice to buy something that lives up to its hype!

    Dianne, I am glad you are enjoying the post!

    Sue, I know what you mean about trying to answer them all. I am fortunate in that I don't get dozens per post because I do like to acknowledge the commenter, if at all possible.

    I love to use the dried globe thistle in winter table centerpieces. I think it's an all-around wonderful plant!


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