Thursday, July 29, 2010

National Lasagna Day - July 29

Earlier in the week, I read that today was National Lasagna Day. Since I had made lasagna a few weeks back and frozen some, I decided tonight would be the perfect time to have it again.

Then I went out to see what was happening in the gardens. What I saw was a whole lot of phlox!

This is 'Little Laura'. She stays nice and short (about 2 ft) and is a vibrant purple color with a white eye. I have had Laura for a couple of years (gift from my MIL). I may divide her this fall just because I want her in a few other places.

I have tons of this purple phlox. I want even more, so will probably divide some of it this fall.

You may notice that the phlox next to the arbor is a lot taller than the phlox in the center.
It's the same phlox, but I cut the center way back in early July--probably by half. I wanted it to bloom shorter in those areas.

I also have phlox in back of the phlox above.
It's also in a number of my other gardens,like this one on the opposite side of the yard.
I guess I just like phlox! It's almost essential to guarantee some color in August in my northern garden.

Because I am loving this new Rembrandt dahlia, here is another picture with more flowers blooming.
I am tempted to set a 'Christmas in July' table for two on that white table in the back...just so I can use these for a centerpiece. Since July is almost over, it may have to be a 'Christmas in August' table!


  1. Zoey, I love the clolrs of your phlox! I have just gotten into phlox the last couple years and I'm afraid it will become another addiction! The dahlias are amazing! Great combination in the container. Another artistic grouping! Jean

  2. What a tease-that big photo of the Lasagna at 11 pm! : ) Yum.
    I do like Phlox too and know it comes in a few shades.
    I'm glad to see your deck plants are coming around (last post). I have a few watering cans that I only fill up half way. We gave spigets in the front and back, but the front one leaks-come on Bri-it would make it easier on my back.
    Gorgeous shots!

  3. I love Lasagna, but the blacksmith won't eat it. So I always get it when we go out to eat at the italian restaurants.

  4. The phlox are gorgeous - I've never been successful growing them. The silver accent is perfect. Claudia

  5. Lasagna and a gorgeous yard..what more could you want:)

  6. I missed the holiday! Your lasagna looked yummy.

    I love your yard!

  7. Your July garden is just perfect! Very old-fashioned feeling with large sprays of colour. You must spend many happy hours poking around there.


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