Monday, July 12, 2010

'Dot Com' Tango Lily Opened While I was Gone

We were gone all weekend on a little get-a-way with my parents. I am so fortunate in that my dear husband loves to be with my parents.

My DH is a tad older than me and only 13 years younger than my parents. He loves to be with my mom and dad. How lucky can a girl get?

We have a lot fun traveling around the state of Michigan with my non-fuddey-duddey parents.

When I was a kid, my Dad had one of the only dune buggies in town.

When I was a teenager,they both had their own motorcycles and snow machines. Every weekend they were on some cycle/sled adventure.

At 16 yrs. old, I had a summer job at the canteen of the largest factory in town and I rode to work with my helmeted waist-length hair flying in the wind as I drove in on my Mom's motorcycle!

My parents are very young-at-heart and we enjoy them so much!

While I was gone, I set up automatic posts. I thank all of you who stopped by and left a comment. If you did not post as "anonymous" I hope I replied to your comment. If you were "anonymous", then I may have answered in the comment section. I do try to respond to all commenters, because I appreciate everyone who takes the time to say something about a post.

While we were gone, another Tango lily bloomed.
This pink lily with the burgundy dotted center is called ‘Dot Com’-- another beauty! I just love these Tango lilies! It is so nice to be totally satisfied with a purchase.
Don’t you just love the name ‘Dot Com’? What blogger would not be intrigued by that name?

Dotty is growing behind these lilies--left side by the arbor.

Even though she is just a few feet away, it's a lot more shaded in that spot and the three plants are much smaller than the others.

Gotta run...can't be late for work! I have tons more pics I took yesterday, so I may be back tonight.


  1. that is so nice to spend time with family...your parents sound like a lot of fun....

  2. your Tango lilies are so lovely. The especially makes me want to head off for the nursery!
    Thanks for commenting on the watering cans - they are a big favorite, but unfortunately getting harder and harder to find.
    The blue and red quilt blocks haven't told me what they want to become yet!!!!

  3. Zoey, I remember them well. Those were the good old days

  4. Your parents do sound like fun people! Wow-they were definitely 'easy riders'!
    The Tangos are so unique! Can't wait to see more.

  5. Zoey...does your Mom have a blog??

  6. Look at all those blooms! I didn't check out those tangos yet. I need to.

    I see Suzy asked if your mom has a blog. Your parents sound like fun people. I am curious to see your answer.

    Thank you for your comment on my GBBD post.


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