Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Smells Like a Scam

Yesterday I received this box of 3 books (2 are on backorder), a tote bag and a cloth picture frame with a welcome-to-the-club letter.

I never joined this craft book club. I immediately called the customer service number.

The CSR that I spoke with did not blink an eye when I told her I did not order these. With no questions whatsoever, she said she would remove the charges from my name. She said I could just keep or donate the books. I ask how this could happen. She said that someone had gotten my information and subscribed me. Hmmmmm....I asked if was on the internet...she said, "No, it was through the mail." She said it was on July 20.

So supposedly someone subscribed me and ordered quilting books and a bird book....not knitting books, or crocheting did this person know my interests?

A few years ago I was with this company just long enough to fulfill my commitment. I ordered some quilting books and a paper-pieced bird block quilting book. Coincidence? I doubt it. I think this is an inside job and this club is doing this on purpose in hopes that people will just accept it and pay the bill.

Has this happened to anyone else out there?

Speaking of books, I just stopped by the library to pick up the latest Jennifer Chiaverini book. I am looking forward to a good read, so I hope it does not disappoint.


  1. That does sound like a scam. That is good that the company was so quick to make things right. I hate getting hooked into some scheme like that.

  2. Looks like nice books though, do you get to keep them?

    At least someone had your best interest at heart! LOL

  3. Oh I think you figured it out! They know what books you like, you were a good customer and they were trying to rope you in again.
    On the sidebar of Facebook, they have things for you to check out-i.e., say I mention cookies-there will be an ad for a cookie business in a day or so. They are hoping you will click through.

  4. it does sound like a scam...that looks like a good book...

  5. Hi, I think it sounds like a scam too. They especially love to prey on the elderly--my 90 year old mom bought some pennies to add to her collection and they sent her an unasked for 'free' silver dollar along with the pennies, no strings attached, supposedly. Not until two months later and more money arrives with a hefty bill for the 'free' dollar they sent earlier and additional things they wanted her to buy.

    She got on the phone and straightened them out right away, I had to laugh, she's so feisty! I'm glad you settled your scam, too! Karen

  6. I hate when those scam artists just wait to pounce..
    Looks like you took care of that:)


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