Friday, July 16, 2010

The Yellow Calla Finally Bloomed

Remember the area next to the main arbor where I was hoping the yellow callas would bloom with the white trumpet (Easter) lilies?

Well, one bloomed yesterday. See that bright spot of yellow up there on the top?

The only problem is that the Easter lily now looks like this:
LOL. Just my luck. It would have been great if they bloomed at the same time, but they did not. Now I am waiting to see what happens with all of the other plants in that container....remember....I am thinking this container is full of pink starburst dahlias.... one of my favorite dahlias. Since I don't see any buds, my guess is they will not bloom with the lilies on the right side. Darn! I was a good plan. Unfortunately it's not panning out.

I have been on vacation since Tuesday. On Tuesday I worked my butt off in the garden. I have had no energy since! For the past two days, I've played around with flower arrangements and tablescapes, did a small bit of interior cleaning, but I have not gotten any major work done other than meet with contractors.

We have had three contractors here in the past two days. Each meeting is 1 to 2 hours. I am so sick of going over the same details with each on!

Remember that dining room wall paper I removed? That is what started it all.

It seems the contractor who did the dining room, took a few shortcuts. He put the wall paper right over fresh drywall without priming/painting it first. There is no way I can get that glue off. In order to paint that room, I need a couple of skim coats of drywall over the entire room.

I also need a wall of cedar board removed in the living room, then drywalled, some hardwood floors installed in the hallway, new windows throughout the house, six new inside 9-panel doors, new concrete steps/railings on the outside, a new sidewalk, and once that is all finished, new carpet throughout.......

A couple of days ago, I walked out into my garage and found a box from
CC. Whoo ants arrived after all!

Yesterday morning I went out and picked some ditch lilies for a centerpiece for the steak dinner we were having. I used some of the ants on the table:
Later in the afternoon DH came home from work, walked into my computer room, where I was making this post, and said, "I need to go to Home Depot and buy more of that ant spray."

I gave an incredulous look and said, "You mean the ants are back?" Just a few weeks ago we had sprayed and gotten rid of a ton of small ants inside the house. The thought of doing it all over again was not appealing!

Then he said, "Yes, there are ants all over the dining room table!"

LOL. What a fun table!

With daylilies the centerpiece only looks good for one day. Here it is this morning:
What a mess!

Tonight I am going to a Bellamy Brothers concert. They sang, "If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" I love that song!


  1. Well Zoey, I guess you just have to enjoy each flower as it shows up. I'm not sure about the ants crawling on the table..I shudder at the thought:)
    Enjoy the concert tonight!

  2. Lots of work to be done and lots of mess in your house! Your gardens are amazing with all your lilies blooming! I love the tango. I plan on doing some rearranging but it's so dry here the ground is like concrete. Love the ants! Too cute! Jean

  3. Yep,it's a pain to keep a house in shape-I hear you! Sorry about the drywall issue. We have a half-painted house here. Brian and Sean did the front and back but not the sides which we don't have a ladder to reach. It's hard to tell they need painting as I matched up the paint so well, but it does. And also that part of the house over the roof-both don't want to get up that high-may need to find a handyman.
    I'm glad your ants came-your DH is a hoot!

  4. Thanks, Now I can't get that song out of my head.
    Those ants look so real! Too funny with the hubby!

  5. Love your table decorations, and the calla lily is gorgeous! I planted my Easter lily this spring and now there is something coming up beside the original lily stalk - hoping I get an Easter lily that blooms outside and that overwinters! Time will tell. You and I have a lot of interests in common: ie gardening and tablescaping!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth


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