Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For Amanda--Same views a Few Feet Apart

I got an email from Amanda T.who said she was a bit confused as to where all my different Tango lilies are located. I can understand that, Amanda. It so difficult to know where all my flowers are as I have quite a few arbors (3) and garden areas (about 12).

So Today I am going to show you a number of pics I took about an hour ago, which should help you to visualize where everything is. All of the photos are taken facing my biggest arbor, which I call the "main arbor". This first pic is with me standing just behind the area I showed a few days ago where I dug out the creeping phlox and replanted it with Lamb's Ear. You cannot see the Lamb's Ear, but it is just beyond the purple lavender in the front.

This pic is about 10 feet back -- just behind the original 'Capuchino' Tango lilies--the white ones, not the yellow ones.

Walk about 2 feet back and you are behind my new 'Olina' Tango lilies.

The next pic is just 12 inches further back, but I have the camera pointed slightly to the left and it shows more of the orange 'Ditch' lilies that are on the opposite side of the Tango lilies. The camera is pointed toward what I refer to as the "Woodland" gardens, because they are in the wooded part of my property.

The next picture is about six feet to the right of the 'Olina' Tango lilies. You can see the smaller arbor in this shot, but not the main (biggest) arbor. As you can see, I have the orange 'Ditch' lilies planted on this side, too.

In this last pic, I am standing about a foot in front of the orange ditch lilies above. It shows both arbors. They are about 25 feet apart??? I am not good with distances, so that is just a guess.

You can actually see all three of my arbors in this shot. The one in the background is way back next to my rockwall garden.

I hope this helps you, Amanda. If anyone else is confused about anything, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a personal email.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. you have such a beautiful your arbors

  2. Hi Zoey,
    Thanks for your comment on my Tuesday post. I'm glad I didn't make it to visit you until today, so I could see the photos of your beautiful property. I don't think I've heard of tango lilies, but yours are awesome! I'll have to see if they grow here. I see you also grow globe thistles.

    You mentioned putting pots in my tub. That's a good idea. If I just leave it as it is, I may be able to plant in it next year yet. I love that word, "patina".

  3. TheDailyFiber.blogspot.comThu Jul 08, 05:42:00 AM 2010

    Zoey! How is it that your gardens are still so green and vibrant? Isn't Michigan experiencing this damnable heat wave too!!! Everything looks so serene and cool at your place. Your lilies have real Ooooooh factor! Are you planning to grow any climbers on your lovely arbor?

  4. In all the years I have been reading your blog, I never before realized you had THREE arbours! I am glad Amanda asked the question, because I have really learned something new today.

  5. I just love seeing pics of your gardens - so pretty. I just want to jump through my screen and walk around. Your lilies and arbors are gorgeous.

  6. What I love about your blogs (yes, I checked them all out), is you're not afraid of color!!! I love the vibrant world that you live in!!!

  7. It is beautiful! Lots of TLC. : )


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