Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's Blooming Tuesday? Easter Lilies,Drumstick Allium, & Marguerite Daisies

Looking at the same plant from the opposite direction, you can see the drumstick allium beginning to turn pink.
You can also see some big spotted calla leaves. Soon some bright yellow calla trumpet-shaped lilies should appear. They will look very nice with the yellow throats of the white liles. You can also see some pink lily buds on the right side. . . This should end up to be a nice little floral vignette, which was a total accident. I didn't plan it all. Earlier in the season, I just stuck a big container in this spot to fill up space. As I look at this picture as I am writing this, I think that this pot is loaded with pink starburst dahlias! I hope they all bloom before the white lilies die out.

Last year I moved some Marguerite daisies in this area. They just started blooming this week.

I am disappointed as I thought the clumps would be much wider. You can see the top of the cage I placed around them because I expected a huge mass that would cover the cage completely. Maybe next year.
Here are the Margeurites looking toward the milk can:

In back of the Margeurite's I have tons of the old orange ditch lilies. I know a lot of people hate these, but I like mine. They came from my Mom's yard and she got them from my Aunt Mary's yard in Sault Ste. Marie, MI (probably 30 years ago). You can't toss out family history!
The creeping Jenny is really taking off in the old milk can container.

Same container - opposite direction.

I have finally remembered to link to Jean's What's Blooming Tuesday? meme. Take a trip over to Jean's to see her gorgeous bloomers as well as the other participants. I have to get to work, so I won't be able to check them all out until later this afternoon. But you all go and have fun while I am working! :)


  1. Beautiful blooms! I have just found your
    site, I am glad I did! Come and visit

  2. What a great accidental combo! The calla lily leaves are so striking and will be a great backdrop for the lilies when they bloom. Your gardens are so full and peaceful looking. I just want to sit at your table with a nice cool drink and enjoy the scenery!

  3. My drumstick alliums are just finishing up so it's fun to enjoy yours. I like the ditch lillies too, their reliable and stand up to the heat. :)

  4. Hi Zoey.
    What a beautiful combination and I also like the combination in your milk can. I love your Marguerite daisies. Beautiful Beds!

  5. I'm at work too sweetie but blogging when I can. This is my first visit to your place and I am loving your gardens. You have a beautiful place. I'll be back for more. Becca

  6. The old ditch orange lily..still one of my fave! Your garden is looking great..you must be getting the rains..hope not too much. Our ground here is well soaked!

  7. Zoey, Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I love your Easter lilies! I think I have on in bud. Your gardens are looking great! I have 'ditch lilies' too and I like them. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

  8. Hi!
    Beautiful blooms. Your Ditch Lily's here are called Flags. I have them all over my garden, they had some extra color. Have a great day!

    My Gardening Woes

  9. Love your daisies, orange day lilies (mine are from my G-Mom-B's yard) and fun table and chairs-enjoy!

  10. love your header...you garden is so pretty...

  11. I LOVE your garden, sure would like to have tea in it :) I really cannot belive the spotted calla leaves, i have never seen anything like them!

  12. Isn't it fun when things look good together? I am not good at making or following plans when I garden. If something doesn't work, I rearrange.

    I don't remember if I've grown Margeurite daisies before. I sure like them. I love your milk can planter and plants, too.

    I think I have a clump of ditch lilies I keep in check in the corner of my veggie garden. I got them from a friend a number of years ago. I've been noticing huge drifts of them around town, and thinking how pretty they are.

    Now, I'm going to read the previous post with that awesome speckled flower.

    Oh, I looked at your live traffic feed, and it said I'd left your blog. I wonder if that's because I clicked on some of your photos to view them larger.


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