Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blooming Tuesday

'Kentucky' Tango lily burst into full bloom this weekend. I showed you the first bloom, but I think 'Kentucky' deserves its full-bloom glamour shot, just like the other 4 Tango lilies had.

I want to order more of these. Three is just not enough. Here is the view across the grass path to the other arbor garden:

A little further back my purple phlox has begun. I have a few different shades of purple/pink phlox. Some of them are twenty years old and I have long forgotten their names.

Phlox is such a staple of my late July/early August garden.

This red striped/blotched Rembrandt dahlia just opened yesterday.
I'd be totally ga-ga over it, if it had a few more petals with the bold red stripes. Maybe some of the other buds will have more red. You never know what you will get with the Rembrandts. That's part of the fun about growing them. It's exciting to run out each day to see what the new flower looks like.
Update: 4:30 p.m. July 20, 2010 I just went out to see how the dahlia looked today. The next layer of petals opened and I see a lot more red stripes! I am almost
ga-ga! If I had this dahlia at Christmas time, it would be the centerpiece of my holiday dinner table--it reminds me so much of candy canes!

This Rembrandt is not lacking in red color!

I love the purple center petals. I have had this one for a few years and it never ceases to fill me with pure Rembrandt love!

Here is another of my original Rembrandt dahlias. They are purple and my least favorite.
So wouldn't you know that the purple are what I have the most of! I ordered another Rembrandt collection last fall. So far none of them have bloomed. I am hoping that I do NOT have more purple in my new collection!

I just went out and cut down the orange and red spent lily stems around the globe thistle.
Now all of those lovely orbs show up nicely. It won't be long before they turn blue. I am hoping that you won't be seeing that pile of top soil much longer. I have been asking DH to knock in down for the past two years. I have been waiting at least 104 weekends....maybe next weekend will be the one! It's getting small enough that I can probably do it myself. It ruins all of my pics!

I got down close to the ground for this shot. I wanted to get the red-striped Tropicanna leaves in. This canna is planted right in the ground and is not growing as fast as the cannas I have in containers.
Last year the one I planted in this same spot did not bloom. I am hoping for a better outcome this year.

Right now I have a lot of red daylilies blooming -- many of them are called 'Red Fan Fare'. They are a fairly short daylily - -about 12 inches tall--I like the yellow centers -- they look like they are on fire!

So that's what's new in my garden. Now head over to Jean's Blooming
Tuesday to see what everyone else has. Jean has a lot of different coneflowers--all colors. I am going to see the others right now.


  1. Wow!! Love the Rembrandts!
    All your shots are amazing.

  2. What a stunning show today. The red and white dahlia is just wonderful!

  3. Your 'day lilly's' are beautiful.. you said you wanted to order more.. did you know at the end of the season you can dig up the 'tubers' and separate them into more plants... they are not cheep to buy!
    Lovely garden!

  4. Dianne and Darla, thanks so much.

    I may have to do that because I just went to find some and there are none left. I do not have good luck with lily bulbs expanding...the orange daylily tubers do expand like crazy, but they are different than the Asiatics that I want more of. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  5. Yep Tango definitely deserved another mention, such a pretty Lily. I love the mottled face on it and that Dahlia. :)

  6. Your garden is gorgeous! I love the red striped Rembrandt Dahlia and the Kentucky Tango Lilies. both have fascinating color patterns!

  7. What a beautiful, lush garden. Just gorgeous!

  8. Zoey, I love to see all your unique blooms. The Rembrandt Dahlias are lovely, especially the red. I so enjoy the fullness and colors of your gardens. Jean

  9. Thank you for becoming a follower, I'm looking forward to many visits! Love your garden...the daylilies are great. I live close to a large Dahlia grower, Swan Island Dahlia, but I've never been into growing them. I am becoming more interest, however, I like the ones with the burgandy leaves and, like yours, they now have so many beautiful colors in the blooms. I do have one dahlia called Rosella since that's my middle name!

  10. What beautiful dahlias. I love your rembrandt collection. Your gardens are spectacular.

  11. What a lovely place to stroll around, you have so many beautiful flowers and greens to look at. I saw you glove thistle and realized that I planted one in my back garden last year and have not seen anything happen yet. I will have to go check on it. Thanks for sharing your lovely blooms.

  12. Oh, OH OHHH what a beautiful garden!!!! Wow. I could loose time there.

  13. That Rembrandt is a gorgeous flower! Then again all of your flowers are gorgeous!!
    I hope you spend lots of time enjoying your garden instead of just working in it:)

  14. Your gardens are beautiful. I am also going to look for more lilies to plant. They are great to stick in between other plants.


  15. Hi Zoey - Your dahlias and globe thistles are beautiful! Those are now on my wish list too. Your gardens look fantastic as always - I love your posts!

    Hahah - I had the neverending Topsoil Pile in my yard too. For at least 3 years. I laughed so hard when you listed how many weekends you had waited for hubby to spread it.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope the Phlox Laura do well for me. I think they are so pretty

  16. Beautiful! By chance, do you know what that purple phlox is...that's EXACTLY the shade I want in my garden...thanks!



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