Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Working Woman's Fried Chicken

I never got around to making fried chicken this weekend.

I had planned to do it Sunday, but I forgot we had to go to my FIL's birthday dinner.

Today at work we had a big food show. One of the major food purveyor's holds a show every year to demonstrate their products. All the restaurant/bar owners are invited to come and sample their new items.

When it ends they always have TONS of stuff that they did not use. Instead of packing it all up, they give it to us. I am usually gone before the event ends, but today I got hit with some last minute bookings and I was about an hour late leaving.

That is how I became the lucky recipient of a bag of big fat fried chicken
wing-dingy things already cooked and frozen.
A bag of pure bliss in the eyes of a woman who just spent 9.75 hrs. at work and still had to come home and make dinner.

I brought the succulent poultry appendages home and threw them on to a baking sheet. Thirty minutes in the oven and dinner was done with no messy stove to clean up

So it may not be "just like Grandma's", but it's as good as we are getting this week!


  1. And how was the chicken zoey. Thats my kind of cooking.

  2. Anything I eat that I don't have to slave over on a work night tastes delish to me!

  3. See-you weren't meant to cook that chicken on Sunday. Don't you love biscuits with fried chicken? Yummy!

  4. Looks good...... and it's great don't have to cook it! LOL!

  5. I hope there's some left over coz I'm a bit peckish right now.

  6. Nothing is more delicious than free food.

    I have tried to make fried chicken in the past, but have not had any luck with it.

  7. I can cook, and do on a nearly daily basis. But, at times it seems to be a chore, not so much fun.
    Son is 20 and a graduate of chef school ... and he has cooked TWO dishes for us since school. And he had the gall to complain about my cooking?! He is in the Army now, let him complain about their cooking!


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