Sunday, February 5, 2006

For My Aussie Readers

who enjoy seeing our miserable weather :)

I am so glad DH is out there and I am warm & toasty inside taking pictures.

I am going to reward that dear man with a big breakfast of hash browned potatoes, eggs, and sourdough toast.

Off to make it now.


  1. I'm sure DH will appreciate that!. We still haven't gotten any snow this year! Lots of rain and wind though.

  2. There's just no rest for you NH folk - in the summer you have to mow the grass, and in the winter you have to 'mow the snow'. It looks lovely, Zoey, but Brrrrrrr...COLD!

  3. Well from this little overseas person who just loves the look of your miserble That looks like FUN!!!! vbg.

    Thanks for the picture, it is hot and there is a very strong wind blowing with the promise of - wait for it - Dust!!! Ahh nothing like mallee weather to bring you back down to earth.

    Hope your day is a good one.


  4. We've had one snow event at the beginning of December. I am glad because my son has to drive 40 miles a day to school. You can keep it up in Michigan. : )
    Snow makes some nice Kodak moments though.
    Keeping warm and cozy is a must!


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