Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fruit Fabric

I pulled this little grouping of fruit fabrics out last week and they have been sitting in my sewing room since. I love the bright fruity colors, but I just can't think of what to do with these fabrics????

I only have a small piece of each.

Anyone have an idea of what these fabrics could become?


  1. They are colorful pieces. Hmmm...not enough for table napkins? I know you'll think of something.
    I use to be joined to the Crafter's Choice book club. I am so over run with books now, I only look at the offerings, but do not join.
    Have fun with your books.

  2. How about putting them into frames to hang during the summer months either in the kitchen or outside. Or maybe make some coasters to use outside, they are so summery looking.

  3. they are certaily BRIGHT!
    Never thought of frames or coasters. (I did think of pot holders).
    If I use them in some sort of quilt block, the brightness will be tamed by cutting them in smaller pieces & combining them with other less bright fabrics. CG, I could make quilt blocks and frame the blocks and hang in the bare space under my cupboards...........now that's a thought....don't be surprised if you see a pic one day of another kitchen redo!


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