Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Interesting Stats

My last 100 visitors and the countries they came from

Welcome to all of you!

I get such a kick out seeing how many different countries have visited my lowly little blog. This print may be too small to read. It says:

US 58
Singapore 23
Canada 8
Austrailia 4
Japan 1
United Kingdom 1

Now, why don't any of you comment? LOL

Actually I think two of you left a comment out of the last 100.
That's a 2% comment rate which seems pretty low, but maybe it's the norm.

I am not complaining--just wondering.
I am happy to have you all visit whether you feel like commenting or not.


  1. How long does it take you to get 100 visitors? I get about 200 visitors a day to my entire website, and I often don't get as many comments as you do on a blog entry.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I got 103 yesterday. I think most people just don't comment.

  3. Hi Zoey, I comment. Well some of the time

  4. Hi Calidore, Yes, you do and I am always happy to see that you have visited.:)

  5. Okay, Zoe, I will leave a comment! I haven't done so for a long time, but I still read your blog and enjoy it. You amaze me! You seem to have so much energy and accomplish so much - and you work full time too! I don't know how you do it. I enjoy your gardens in the nice weather, and I love reading about all of your winter projects too. Please keep on blogging!

  6. I'm here. But I think, I think, I think, that this lot is pageloads, not individual visitors. Like, someone from Singapore really liked your blog, and started clicking on previous posts on your sidebar.

    In the summary page that comes up, you get three bars - pageloads, individual visitors and returning visitors.

    But still, it is nice to know. :)

  7. I found it really interesting to see where all the visitors came from. I often click on someone's name who has left a comment so that I can have a look at their blog, yet I've never come across anyone from Singapore.

    I certainly check your blog daily, as I travel down my list of favourites. I love your patchwork creations.

  8. Florrie, your still here! How nice to see you again. I am glad you enjoy stopping by. That working full-time sort of cuts into my other activities - that's why I am on here at 4 a.m. -- LOL!

    Chloe, I do believe you are correct. I thought 23 from Singapore was a lot. Although it makes me happy to know that just one person found it interesting enough to look at 23 pages!

    Hi Alice. It's always nice to get one of your comments. You are definately one of the appreciated loyal readers.

  9. I always stop by but don't always comment because I'm usually in such a hurry. I'm surprised there isn't more hits from CAnada.

  10. I always comment when I stop by Zoey! I've just been too busy to stop lately. Love all your posts and your projects. You're very creative and do seem to accomplish a lot. Your clean kitchen looks good enough for Better Homes and Gardens :)


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