Sunday, February 5, 2006

Do You Ever

go back and read your own blog?

Since I have been snowed in this weekend, I did a bit of that yesterday. Boy, the things I had forgotten! I only went through a couple of months because Blogger went down. What's going on with Blogger anyway? I have noticed it being down a lot the past few days.

I found new plants I put in last year (forgot all about that cardinal flower and that autumn hirta rudebeckia...)

I found out how many new allium bulbs I planted. (I thought 50, found out it was only 20) Can't wait to see these little beauties in a few months.

I saw a combination deck planting that I posted so I would remember it for next year. (good thing I went back and read about it)

Anyway it is amazing how much valuable info you have probably forgotten about your own garden. Just try it.

Remember Kathy Renwald from Gardener's Journal?

I taped a lot of those shows.
I think I am going to curl up under a quilt and watch a few episodes before I have to start cooking dinner.


  1. At least you remembered you had put some alliums in, we're constantly finding bulb shoots breaking the soil surface around the garden and thinking "what is that, and when did somebody put it there?"

  2. Hey Zoey,
    Where the heck are you? Hope you are feeling ok.


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