Sunday, February 19, 2006

I am happy NOT to be famous and gorgeous

As I was flipping through TV channels, I came across the Home Shopping Network where Suzanne Somers was pushing her wares.

Has anyone seen her face lately?

OMG, the skin is tighter than a pair of size 3 jeans on a size 14 body. It looks like it’s painful to talk when her lips move.

The host says everyone keeps asking Suzanne how she stays so young looking.

She says, it’s good genetics, amazing face care, but mostly the Facemaster facial toning system (which she is conveniently pushing for only $99.90).

How sad that at almost 60 years old, she still feels that she has to look like a
s e x symbol. I don't think too many people believe she has not had multiple facial surgeries.

I thought she looked just fine 7 or 8 years ago when I saw her and noted that she was beginning to age (but so what, she was over 50 then).

So sad........


  1. I know what you mean about these celebrities. Kenny Rogers looks downright scary. And even Marie Osmond (who is my age) has done something. Kathy Lee Gifford looks like a different person. I say-age gracefully. : )

  2. ROTFL! "tighter than a pair of size 3 jeans on a size 14 body"...

    It wasn't too long ago that Suzanne Somers was "caught" having liposuction on those thigh-mastered thighs, so I'm sure the face-master has limitations at her age, too. I agree, it's sad.

    I think the scariest reconstructed face I've seen so far is Helen Gurley Brown. Her lips barely move and her face has no expression.

    Here's to aging gracefully.

  3. Hollywood is very tough on women. If they don't have the looks, it is as if they are nothing. I can see how that kind of pressure would make women fold. But, those are usually women who didn't have a lot of great work to keep their rep up while they aged.
    I still feel bad for them. The reason that they might not have had a lot of great work could be because they were so stunning when they were young.

  4. It really is sad isn't it. I wonder if they would bother if they weren't famous? They have so much pressure to always look good.

  5. And don't forget they also have the money to do it. A sad example-Michael Jackson. I thought he was so cute as a teenager.

  6. We should all just thank our lucky stars that we are not rich and famous.
    I thought Michael Jackson was very cute, too. I wonder if he regrets the mess he made of his face, or if he actually thinks he looks good?

  7. Sabine, I have not seen Helen G. Brown in years. Has she been on TV?

  8. Yes, Zoey. I can't remember what program it was. She wasn't in the studio but was being interviewed with a remote camera (is that the correct term, I don't know?)

  9. I just saw Priscilla Presley this morning on Australian television. She looks like Jack Nicholson when he was The Joker in Batman. When she smiled her face didn't move. I though it would crack! All these people with awful surgeries are (to me) just ageing DISgracefully.


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