Thursday, February 16, 2006

In the Midst of Another Blizzard

I drove home from work at 25 miles per hour, with both hands tightly gripping the steering wheel as I navigated the icy road with snow swirling in all directions.

I detest winter driving. I always say a silent prayer of thanks when I pull safely into my garage.

We are having another blizzard - up to 15 inches of snow.

I changed into my grubs, brewed a nice strong cup of coffee, added some French vanilla cream, and stood at the window watching the snowflakes as they turned into drifts across the driveway.

I opened the front door to take a picture and I heard loud rumbles of thunder. Thundering during a blizzard! I thought I was hearing things, but the radio announcer confirmed that I had heard correctly.

Very strange weather this year.

I was throwing a load of laundry into the washing machine, & I noticed my big rubbermaid container of (too small) jeans--unfortunately that container is getting more full every day. On the top I had thrown some practice blocks I had made when I was deciding what kind of jean quilt to make.

I had a spur-of-the-moment idea to turn those blocks into pot holders.

But what could I use to make them more heat resistant?

Right next to the jeans happened to be a big stack of old towels that we use to dry the car when we wash it at home. (I am being quite liberal with the "we" as it is DH who washes the car. I don't think I have ever done it).

I found a nice heavy blue towel that worked out quite nicely as a backing. It was so heavy that I did not even need any filler. I just cut out a back piece for each block, used some striped denim for the binding and sewed it all together.

Very quick and easy. Now instead of useless blocks of denim, I have 3 new trivets to throw under hot dishes.

Oh, I wonder if this may be why all those jeans are getting too small?


  1. Ingenious! That's a good word to describe you. Love the pot holders!
    Thanks for doing that word association on my blog, you said nice things. I didn't know two of the people and someone used my cat's name! Silly. I asked my husband and son to do it. I guess they see me in other ways other than 'loving'. See how men look at what you do for them everyday as not loving? ; )
    Anyway, so glad you got home safe and sound. We had the thunder snow here a few weeks back. I say a prayer for my guys every time they pull out of the driveway.

  2. Very stylish pot holders. I love the way you just whip up something beautiful in no time at all. Have you tried making potholders using chenille quilting. Not as pretty as yours but remarkably heat resistant with only batting in the middle and calico backing.

  3. Your welcome, Dianne. I guess you leave it open to a lot of strange people when in cyberspace. Somebody always has to mess up our fun.
    Alice, never used the quilted chenille, but I bet it would work nicely.

  4. Gorgeuous work, Zoey.
    I'm always amazed at your creativity!

    Thuderstorms - we had a storm in December (down here in the south of the state) that had both snow and thunder. Yesterday's storm for us was drenching rain and thunder - still highly unusual for February in Michigan...

  5. Jenn, I just talked to one of my customers from Grand Rapids and she said they had bad freezing raibn/sleet...lot of power outages, etc. I guess the entire state is a strange February.

  6. Those aer super cute!!

  7. I absolutely love your demim patchwork. I have been collecting all the family's old jeans for years now ready to start cutting and putting them into a quilt. You are truly and inspiration.

  8. Thanks, Brit & Googs.
    Googs, I hope you have fun with your quilt. The denim quilts are so heavy and warm.Just great to curl up on the sofa on a cold winter day.


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