Saturday, February 4, 2006

It Pays to Hold Out

Remember my rant about Country Garden Magazine charging me (a customer for years) more to re-subscribe than they charge new customers?
You can read it here if you are interested.
Their charge was $33.97 for two years (16.99/year).
I threw it in the garbage can.

On Sept. 19 they sent me a letter. I could get 2 years for $24.00 ($12/yr).
I was tempted, but had to stand by my principles....after all, I vowed I WOULD NOT subscribe.
I threw it in the garbage can.

Yesterday I got another letter.

"Just tell us "yes" or "no", it said.
Now the price is $9.99 for one year. (They did not offer a 2-yr price).

I am afraid I have to cave in and send them the ten bucks.
I mean, how can I resist???? My principles are not that strong.

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  1. Go ahead and cave. I give you permission. All house and garden magazine publishers know this is the vulnerable time of year for us Northerners. We'll do almost anything to see a bit of color! But at least you taught them they have to play fair before they'll get your $$. And I'm glad your tooth is feeling better.


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