Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Can't Wait to Get Into Bed Tonight

I am pretty pooped.

I had to do some cleaning today even though I didn't really want to. I can't stand dirty floors and the kitchen and bathroom were in need. Does anyone other then me still do this on hands and knees? I never could get mops into the corners without beating up the wood.

My sewing/computer room was beyond belief -- fabric strewn all over the floor with all the threads,bits of paper I ripped off the back of the paper-pieced blocks,etc. I made 16 log cabin blocks today and at least half of all the fabric I snipped off missed the wastebasket. I had envelopes all over from patterns I printed off the net....whew! I think it was the worst it has ever been. Every time I walked in there threads stuck to my socks and were transported to every room in the house. So I cleaned it up a bit...stills needs more...but I am done working for today.

I made a DUD cake from scratch.....boy, I hate when I see a recipe in a magazine that looks so good and I make it and it's just awful. Some cake called Tres Leche from a restaurant in New Mexico. The patrons rave about it.......hmmmmmmm.....mine ended up the garbage--that's how awful it was....

Tres Leche means 3 milk. There was a whole can of evaporated milk, a can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 cup of whole milk which was all mixed & poured over the vanilla cake when it came out of the oven. After four hours in the refrigerator it all gets absorbed into the cake and you put whipped cream on top of it.
You should have seen DH's face last night when he bit into looked like a vanilla cake, until you put it in your mouth and got something with a very wet, mealy texture. I thought he was going to need a barf bag! LOL. He thinks I should stick to cake mixes.

If you see a recipe like that, don't bother with it--it tastes like a milk-soaked cake, which is exactly what it is (of course that's just my humble opinion).


  1. Ah Zoey! Hate hearing about bummer baking experiences. Do you think the cake needed to be almost stale so it absorbs the milk without getting all soggy? I guess you could have overbaked it a bit too.
    I use to make the Bacardi rum cake (you use cake mix and pudding) and man is that good, esp when you pour the rum/sugar mixture on it.

  2. I remember the rum cake ... we made ours 'extra zippy' by using 151 ... oh, so long ago. And, I think it is the only cake I have ever made from a picture. Sorry dh didn't like the little Spanish cake, had to be disappointing to wait with anticipation only to be dashed quickly.

  3. Bummer! It's such a deflating experience when that happens. Never mind, most of your efforts are a wonderful success, so just chalk this up as a minor blip and go on to bigger and better things :) That soup looked and sounded delicious.
    I'm thinking I should do some cleaning too! Stop putting these thoughts into my head Zoey....I'd rather be blogging!

  4. Yes Zoey I still do my floors at least once a month on my hands and knees, well actually sitting down and stretching since my left knee hates too much bending and kneeling.

    I once tried to make lace cookies that were so bad the neighbours dog wouldn't even eat them. LOL They were so hard I could of used them for paving stones.


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