Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Planning the Summer Garden

This is the time of year I start to look back through my photos and make plans for my summer garden.

Every year I say that I am going to remove the majority of the asters I have growing in almost every garden.

Asters do not have the most beautiful foliage. In fact the foliage is usually downright UGLY. The bottom two feet is always brown and dead looking. I think without them, the gardens would look much more neat and tidy. They take up a lot of space that I could use for something better.

Then I come across a photo that I think looks lovely.

And I remember why I keep them.

When almost everything else is finished for the season, they burst forth in a magnificient display of purple.

I just can't bring myself to ditch these. Perhaps a little judicious thinning will do.


  1. Zoey, that picture is just lovely/ Makes me wish summer was here again.

  2. They are so pretty. Maybe if they were out away from the white deck, you wouldn't notice the brown part as much.

  3. I already feel myself turning a pale shade of green (with envy) when I see your gorgeous deck and the beautiful flowers. Could you plant other varieties of plants closer to the daisies in the hope that they will hide the dead leaves?

  4. Do you cut them back by half in late June?
    This may help make them bushier and less leggy, by default having less area to get brown.

    If you don't, this might be worth a try.
    I do love their exuberance!

  5. I do have other things planted in front to hide the uglies. It works pretty well.

    Jenn, I usually cut them back 2 or 3 times (I stop cutting back on July 4). It does keep them shorter and bushier, but they bloom at least 2 weeks later. Last year I did not cut them back (too lazy, I guess). This year I plan to keep them shorter.


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