Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Maytag Double Oven

Does anyone happen to own a Maytag Gemini stove?
I am thinking this is the one I want to buy. I like the idea of two ovens. One is very small and I am thinking I would use it often since there are only two of us. The second is supposedly as large as any one-oven model. I have not been to an appliance store to actually see one of these (got my info off the net, of course.)

The space for oven #2 comes from eliminating the storage drawer on the bottom.

The only thing I am not too sure of is the flat top. I have heard that staining and discoloration is a problem.

Does anyone have an electric flat top and feel like commenting on the positives/negatives?

I want to be well informed before my 27-year old stove decides to die. I am actually hoping it dies, but it just keeps going.

I am thinking I should just go out and buy a new one--life is short--and I might croak before it does!


  1. Hey Zoey,
    You know I am shopping for a oven too. This looks really nice. I know some people like the flat top and some don't. Personally, I like anything I can clean in one swipe of the sponge.
    Hope it is big enough for a turkey and has a broiler. One thing I would love is a warming oven.

  2. I was just looking at these just now. The best price I saw at Sears.com was around $1,140. The black top would be better than the light colored one. I want the bisque to go with the cabinets I picked.

  3. Actually the bisque is about $1050.

  4. Hi dianne,
    From what people say,it's a little pricey, but since I have not bought one in 27 years I don't know what the prices are these days!
    If you go out and see one, let me know what you think and if the oven is indeed big enough for a turkey (they say it is).

  5. Zoey, if you are worried about the size of the bigger oven, take your turkey roasting pan to the store and just try it out. That's what I did when I needed to shop for a new range (and mine did die on me). I would have loved to have gotten a convection oven, but that put the price over my limit. We are always trying to cram too much in the oven, and I think convection would help things cook more evenly, and faster, too. I wound up getting a Maytag Gas Precision Touch Control 700 just about 2 years ago and I haven't had any problems with it.

  6. Kathy, I am laughing reading your comment. Mission critical for feeding your small village would be oven space! *grins*

    Zoey, I have friends that have that type of stove and it is fantastic for entertaining!

    I have only seen the black topped ones, and they clean up okay.

    And as for the initial expense - you may pay a bit more, but you will be doing your bit as a good citizen by only using the energy you actually need. This is not something that has any kind of personal payoff (you probably won't see a huge difference in your energy bill), but I like to feel I'm being virtuous!

  7. Good idea, Kathy. I think I will do that. I thought about convection, but decided against it only because I don't feel like learing how to use it. I am quite comfortable with how my oven works and understand the convection takes some getting used to.
    Jenn, I am happy to hear they don't have problems with the stains, etc. That is my biggest concern right now.

  8. Does only Maytag make these kind of stoves. I never have had luck with Maytag. Read reviews online too. I always find that useful when I am deciding on something.

  9. Sandy, so far I've only seen the Maytag, but I have just started looking on line. I did read quite a few reviews from owners. The only real negative I read was that the top stains easily. That part scares me.


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