Sunday, February 12, 2006

Flawed PP block inspires Decorative Kitchen Redo

See this little pinwheel block under the chicken?

Well, it's not exactly a pinwheel because I put the wrong fabric in one spot.

But I liked the blue toile fabric with the gold so much that I decided to to make another block (a square-in-a-square pattern) of the same fabrics. (the blue toile is the fabric I made my kitchen valances out of last year). This block turned out perfect.

I had originally combined the valance fabric with the lighter yellow in the blocks. I never really like that lighter yellow fabric on the windows - found it a tad too blah.

So yesterday morning I decided to make insert valances out of the gold fabric. They are lined valance inserts and very easy to make. Probably took about an hour.

As usually happens with me, a simple project escalates....

Once I had the valances up, I needed more gold around the kitchen. I thought sunflowers might do the trick.

While climbing up to add sunflowers here and there to the top of the cupboard vignettes, it was evident a good cleaning was in order.

So I hauled stuff down, washed it all (even the greenery) and put it all back up. I added more fabric to the square-in-a-square sample block so it was big enough to add a toile punch (to carry the fabric over to that area of the kitchen), and put it under the plant over the stove.

Since I had the murphy's oil soap out from washing the cubboard tops, I decided to wash all the lower cabinets, too. Out came the get all the dust out of the little crevices in the moldings, etc.

I then decided I couldn't have a clean kitchen with a dirty floor. So I got on my hands and knees and did that, too.

I ended up spending a good three hours before everything was done.

ALL THAT WORK created from a little paper-pieced block of fabric!

At least my kitchen is VERY VERY clean today.


  1. Please come and clean mine - yours looks fantastic. I do like the lovely cupboards you have and those valances over the windows are to die for.

  2. Calidore, I think your kitchen is very clean, too. Don't forget I read your blog - LOL. I know you do a good deal of cleaning.

  3. Your kitchen is lovely, soooo charming!


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