Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tropicanna Black Put out Its First Bloom

I like the color--vermillion, I think best describes it--a bright red tinged with orange.

I am not yet overly impressed with the foliage color.

It's pretty much just a plain old black leaf. In my opinion it's a little boring to be called a "Tropicanna". Sometimes the foliage color improves with age, so I am reserving the right to change my opinion.

I am used to the gorgeous leaf coloring of my other Trops. Somewhere I read that the original Tropicanna was the "Howard Stern of plants". It's so outrageous that it makes people stop to take notice. I liked that description.

I did bring in some of my own original Tropicanna tubers to add to this container, but so far nothing is coming up. I think the mix of foliage and flower color will be much more impressive (as any container with Tropicannas should be!)

This particular container will dramatically improve once the other trailing plants have filled out. I have designed it as a contrasting foliage container. There are very few flowers. I am waiting to show the full container until I feel it's worthy of world wide web viewing. At the moment, it's not. So shape up, baby! Your big audition time is drawing near! (Sometime I have to speak a little harshly to get these guys to behave!)


  1. I can't wait to see this once you whip it into shape :) because it looks pretty gorgeous right now to me!

  2. Love that color Zoey. It appears almost the same shade as the amaryllis I posted a couple days ago!

  3. Oh, I get it Zoey, Tropi-canna! It's looking mighty impressive now, can't wait to see it after you give it a stern talking-to.

  4. As long as they don't answer you back, you're ok! lol I planted all my container plants yesterday but I don't want to show pictures either until they're more filled out...they look too boring right now! lol Your Tropicanna bloom is just gorgeous...such a striking colour!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend:-) xox

  5. I can't believe you already have canna blooms! When did you start the tubers? Mine are up but looks like it will be a couple of months before they bloom.

  6. Thanks, everyone.

    I bought these already potted and ready to bloom. I do that at work because I need the bloom early. The ones I have at home I planted three weeks ago and most have not even broke through the soil yet. They probably won't bloom until August.


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