Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sub Freezing Temps again Tonight

My sled planter is all wrapped up for the cold night ahead.

I am so glad I did not plant all of my containers last week! After nearly 20 years of gardening, I have finally learned to hold off planting the annuals until the end of May. No matter how warm it is during early spring, it ALWAYS frosts in mid to late May (sometimes even in June).

Well, now, how did that dandelion get right in the middle of my creeping phlox? I really MUST get out this weekend and get the garden shaped up.

I have a ton of creeping phlox almost in full bloom. This is just a small portion of it.

I really need to get a picture after the sun goes down, but I wanted to make a post now, so these pictures will have to do.

My apple tree in the front yard is full of white flowers . The bees and I will enjoy it until they all fall to the ground in the next few days.
I think these red and yellow tulips are 'parrot' tulips. I am anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the flamboyant petals. Parrots are very showy flowers and I really must get more of them. I am so into showy and dramatic these past few years.

That's about all I have for today. I have not been doing much of interest this week--just working. Since I haven't posted in a few days so I wanted to get a little something done tonight. Hopefully I will do something postworthy this weekend. :)


  1. Your garden really lloks nice. I wanted to go out today and weed but it was only 49 degrees that is just cold to be sitting out there for to long. I hope I can get to it this weekend.

  2. My Impatiens froze last night...aarrrggghhhh! At least the rest of my flowers weren't affected! To think we had frost this morning and then it turned out to be quite a warm day...Mother Nature is keeping us on our toes! lol Love all your flowers!! xox

  3. The rule around here is to plant your tender annuals Memorial Day weekend.

    I can never get primroses to come back. Do you do anything special to them?

  4. Bummer about the frost. It's just going to be a bit damp here and in the upper 50s.
    It's great to see some color in our yards isn't it? Thanks for sharing your gardens with us.

  5. Laurie, 49 is too cold for me to get out, too. I like 60's minimum.

    Pea, so sorry about the impatiens. I hope this cold snap ends soon.

    Sylvana, I don't do anything to them. I've had them a long time, like 15 years. I do let them seed, then scatter the seeds in hopes of getting more.

    dianne, yes, it's nice to see some color and green, green grass. With all the rain we've had this week, our grass looks great!


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