Sunday, May 6, 2007

My City's Hidden Treasure

Right off the main highway going through my town is the most wonderful island. Yes, we have our own island and it's a true treasure. Not more than 20 feet behind me is the highway with cars zooming by. But as soon as you cross this bridge, you are alone with nature.

If you click, you can read this sign which shows the different areas of the island.

Late this afternoon DH and I took a walk around the nearly one-mile perimeter of the island. We were in search of nesting swans (mute swans).
In less than five minutes we found one. I was so excited! I have never seen a nesting swan before.

See her sitting there? Right behind her is the highway and our hospital.
Here's a close up.

Isn't she beautiful?

We continued walking around to the back of the island. There are walking trails all through the island.

Certain places even have stairs taking you right down to the water.

We saw 5 or 6 nesting swans. Some of them were way out on other tiny islands...too far to get pictures.

Here's another lady waiting patiently for her eggs to hatch (I believe it's about a 35-day incubation period).

while her Mr. is out guarding the nest. He was chasing off a goose who was swimming too closely by.

It was a beautiful walk because it's been too cold for the mosquitos. We will have to fight off the pesky bugs when we go back to see the cygnets. Did you know a baby swan is called a cygnet?

I will most certainly post pictures when the little bundles of joy arrive.


  1. You are lucky to have such a peaceful haven so close by. And don't you think the swans are almost a caricature of themselves, they are so perfect looking! Storybook characters come to life. I hear they have a mean disposition though, especially on the nest, so keep an eye out!

  2. Oh, how perfectly lovely. I'd go hiking all the time if I had something like that nearby.

  3. Your white swans are beautiful. We usually have black swans on our town lake and I have watched many cygnets wandering around with thier mothers. They are so cute. Unfortunately due to the terrible drought we are experiencing our lake has dried up completely. Fist time in 50 years. The swans had to be re-located to another water catchment and it doesn't seem the same not having them wandering around.

  4. Wonderful pictures Zoey! And how cool that you were able to see swans and one nesting! They`re such beautiful birds.


  5. This looks like a place I would love - lucky you!


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