Monday, May 21, 2007

Pea Saved me From Wasting Food

Almost every two weeks I throw away milk. For some reason we never drink it. Sometimes I have to toss it out unopened. Sunday I checked the expiration date of these eggs--4 to 6 weeks ago. Tossed them. Tossed the soured milk. I was going to toss the two bananas (I like them less ripe--with no dark spots), but then I remembered seeing Pea's banana bread recipe. (I can't seem to link to the actual recipe, but it's from May 17th)

It called for just two bananas! DH bought some fresh eggs yesterday and I had everything else to make it, so I did. We enjoyed it for Sunday morning breakfast.
It was not too sweet -- just 1/2 cup of sugar for the entire loaf. I did not put the chocolate chips in mine.

Thanks, Pea - you saved me from wasting two bananas!

I also ended up going outside in mid afternoon. I got about two hours of weeding done in cool, but good working weather. It was cold enough that no bugs were out. Hopefully I can get back outside after I go into work for a couple of hours this morning. After that the remainder of the week is mine, mine, mine!!!! Woo hooo.........I have the whole week to do whatever I want to!


  1. Hey Zoey! I use to toss a bunch of eggs too. I try to make an egg dinner once in a while or hard cook eggs for egg salad or as a quick protein snack. You could do the same thing with the milk-look for a recipe that calls for a few cups of milk or even make some pudding. Sean gets on eating jags (one week it will be cereal, the next pancakes), so I either have too much milk or not enough by the end of the shopping week. When he goes to school, I'll buy smaller containers of milk.

  2. The banana bread looks great! You can freeze some too for later. : )

  3. Dianne, I can't freeze any 'cause I am eating the last piece right now! :)
    I do like eggs for dinner, too. I just haven't been cooking much lately...or we bought too many at one time.

  4. I hope you put the banana peels in your garden compost! The flowers love the peels especially the roses!

    I love your pictures and zany gardening stories...


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