Monday, May 14, 2007

Bishop's Weed, Goutweed, Snow-on-the-Mountain, Aegopodium

Whatever you call it, it's a tough one to remove if you decide you no longer want it.

Last fall I spent a good deal of sweat labor digging this out. I thought it was gone, but no such luck. It's coming up all over again this year. The only way I know of to kill it is with Roundup. Even Roundup takes two or three applications before it's all dead.
I can't call this plant a thug, because even though I don't want it here, I do have some places that I think bishop's weed is the perfect groundcover--at least for the time being. Like in this very shady spot as an underplanting for daylilies. I do have to keep edging it to keep it from growing in the grass, and I try to remove all the flowers before they go to seed.

I received a new Chadwicks catalog and did a little shopping. I bought this blue lightweight sweater twinset (no,unfortunately, this is not me)
I already own it in black. It's a good fit, washes/dries nicely,does not pill, and has 4-season wearability. When I find something tried and true like this, I like to order more than one color. I can mix and match them.

After work today I had a dentist appointment. Just a block from the dentist is a nice nursery, so I went there and bought some more planting material. Since I am tracking costs, here they are:

3 Herbs - Purple Ruffles basil, Italian basil and parsley just $1 each- $3.00 total

4 ipomoea @ $2.00 each - $8.00 total. As I stated in a post below, I can't count on mine coming back from the tubers I saved last year, so I bought a few for insurance.
A flat of mixed flowers: Amaranthus, 'Early Splendor', Celosia 'Century Red', Ageratum 'Blue Horizon', and Nierembergia 'White Robe'. $12.00
A flat of marigolds - $12.00

So I have already spent in the $90.00 range and I have only just begun. It's not looking good for saving much money unless I drastically reduce the number of containers I plant. I've planted three and I usually do at least 60.


  1. 60 containers! Wow - I am in awe! Glad you had a nice anniversary weekend!

  2. Looks like you will fun planting containers! I did mine last weekend. Nice blog.

  3. Oh you've been busy!
    Not only are you a Christmas tree decorator but also a container gardener at your work. At least you get to see the fruits of your labor all the time. : )
    I think you found some great buys on flowers, etc. I would say they really stink around here. I have one place really I can count on for a good variety.

  4. We're expecting a near miss frost tomorrow night, so I'm holding off on some of the more tender annuals. The barrels at the top of the drive still need plants, but I'm having a hard time making up my mind.

  5. I'm in Nova Scotia, and on a mission to eradicate the goutweed that's taking over the yard at my new home ... although we've spent hours on digging out the flower bed at the side of the house, we're not near the end ... or the beginning of the end. It still feels like we're at the beginning of the beginning. This is going to be a fight.

    I'm going to take on the back half of the yard with a weed whacker tonight ... and blast the hell out of it with Roundup when it comes back.

    And, for the record, my first idea for handling it was "cover it with gas and set it on fire" ... but, sadly, we're not even allowed backyard bonfires in my neighbourhood.


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