Monday, May 21, 2007

What do you do when you Want an Ice Cold Pepsi

But you forgot to put any Pepsi in the refrigerator?

Well, if you think like my dear husband, you put the can of Pepsi in the freezer for just a little while so it will chill fast.

And then you forget about it...........


The next day.

When Very Compassionate Wifey opens the freezer the next morning, this is what she finds:

As the freezer-on-the-bottom drawer is pulled out, all the exploded frozen particles of Pepsi fall to the floor.
Everything must be removed from the bottom freezer drawer.
The entire drawer must be taken out and washed. Very Compassionate Wifey (VCW) must crawl on the floor to get underneath the refrigerator to get all the sticky Pepsi particles. The floor must be washed. Then VCW must put everything back into the freezer drawer and wash down the counter where all the sticky items were sitting.

VCW doesn't even drink Pepsi.
I think Dear husband is very lucky to have such a Very Compassionate Wifey.


  1. You definately are a VCW! I'd say he owes you dinner or something!

  2. Bet you he doesn't do that again! lol ugh, nothing worse than the old exploding pop can trick!! I say like Jean, he owes you a dinner:-) xo

  3. That sounds like something my hubby would do!! He is forgetful like that. At least it was a can and not a glass container.

  4. Yucky sticky mess! I vote with the rest that you've truly earned a dinner out :)

  5. You are indeed the best - and he owes you big time!! Have a great week off.

  6. Haha. I take it you didn't have any ice cubes?

    My brother does that all the time. He once forgot an apple in the freezer. Luckily, nothing has exploded yet.

  7. I do the freezer trick all the time and I have never had one explode like that! My husband sets a timer. I don't, but I'm usually so thirsty when I opt for the freezer that I'm just not going to forget.

    Ride that guilt train to something nice for yourself!

  8. Well at least you don't have as much in the freezer as I do! I hate cleaning you sticky stuff.

  9. Oh,you ladies are so smart.....I had never thought of using it to my advantage like that! LOL

  10. I say...more plants! AND dinner!

  11. Been there, done that, had to clean it up myself. Your husband is a very lucky man to have you!


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